The Spelling Blog: Spelling tests - a necessary evil?

It is quite necessary to know how to pronounce and spell words. People, particularly students, should be master at spelling words because it shows people’s literate side. Parents should focus on their children’s writing and spelling skills because a strong base is made during the early stages of life. 

To get started, people should know what a spelling test is. A spelling test is a general assessment of a person’s or student’s ability to pronounce different words. Spelling tests are conducted in the art class of every school. Some spelling tests are conducted every week, while other spelling tests are conducted once a year.

Types of tests

As far as spelling tests are concerned, there are four types of spelling tests conducted in every school or learning institute. The details of the types of spelling tests are described below.

Oral spelling test

In this test, the guide or teacher speaks the words loudly, and students write down the words they understand.

Spelling-bee type test

In this test, every student is asked to spell one word in a loud voice in front of the whole class.

Proof-reading style test

In this test, a paragraph is given to the students in which they have to detect the incorrectly spelled words. Students have to rewrite the misspelled words.

Multiple choices spelling test

In this spelling test, students are given three or more spellings of a word from which they have to find the correctly spelled words.

Spelling bee test

This is known as the possible most difficult spelling test for the students. In this test, students have to spell English words. Some students successfully pass this test, while other students might get confused in front of other people and their fellows and fail to spell and pronounce a word.

Benefits of online spelling tests

Spelling tests, particularly online spelling tests, are quite beneficial for the students. Some software such as SpellQuiz can be amazingly beneficial for the spelling practice of students. Some of the most prominent benefits of online spelling tests are as follows.

A form of self-learning

The online learning system is basically designed for students to learn things on their own. Moreover, this era is a modern era, so students want to have updated learning methods rather than traditional learning methods in which they are asked to sit in the class for the whole day along. Online spelling tests are interesting because, in these tests, students are asked to use unique and effective learning tools such as games to learn the things taught to them.

A big sentence is read aloud in online spelling tests, and students are asked to write what they have heard. The number of correctly spelled words is counted, and then students are graded out of 100. This is an interesting method for the students to memorize several words in the most interesting methods.

Online spelling tests motivate students.

Motivation can do everything. Without motivation, students can do nothing and achieve nothing in their lives. Online spelling tests motivate students to learn new things. An online learning system is a connection between students and their goals. Online spelling learning systems give progress simultaneously so the students can see their scores, and they try to improve the overall score. This encourages them to learn and improve their spelling and learning skills.

Online spelling tests are self-paced tests

Kids are not likely to follow a certain timetable as they want freedom. The biggest benefit of online spelling tests is that students and people can choose the time that suits them the most. They can even stop the test and continue its form where it was stopped. Thus online spelling tests create a feeling of freedom for the students.

A chance for more practice

Another biggest advantage of online spelling tests is that students can give as many tests as they want. The more are the tests; the better are the chances of learning new things. Moreover, spelling training is quite necessary for the students to memorize and absorb maximum things. Online spelling tests are a chance to improve the learning skills of the students.

Quick correction

In regular spelling tests, the results come after the teachers check the tests. It may take a few days. On the other hand, online spelling tests give instant outcomes of the tests. Students instantly know their mistakes and correct themselves on the spot. Thus online spelling tests are a source of instant correction for the students

Makes you more fluent in reading and writing

Last but not the least benefit of online spelling tests is that they make students more fluent in reading and writing. Moreover, through spelling training programs, the students’ communication skills are also improved, and they get better chances to learn new things and create fluentness in writing and reading.

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