There are many maid services that are available in the market, but many of these helpers arrive from different countries, and they are called as foreign domestic workers as they come from other country and work to help in someone’s household or even office work.

If you are looking for a domestic maid insurance Singapore then you have come to the right article as here we will tell you about the benefits of taking maid insurance and also will tell you about the ways in which the maids influence us in our daily life.

There are about a total of 250,000 foreign domestic workers in Singapore (FDW), and it is estimated that in around every 1 to 5 houses have availed the services of a maid to help with their household purposes or also called as household chores which everyone has to do in the home which they live in.

You are required by the government of Singapore to take an insurance policy for you maid which will insure that whatever happens to your maid you will have the required amount of money for the treatment of her and also you will have an insurance that you can help your maid in any way possible if there is any trouble.

The most important thing to look in the maid insurance policy is the multiple critical illness insurance as these diseases can attack anyone and at any time after the age of 18 as there is no restriction on age limit for these diseases.

To ensure the safety of your maid, you have the option to take a maid insurance for your maid which will cover all the expenses that will occur when your maid is feeling ill or has met with an accident, so this policy will deal with every expense from hospitalization to operating on the maid and the payment of the bill and also payment for all the medicines that are to be given to her prescribed by the doctor.

Situations where maid insurance is needed the most

Here is the list of the situation where maid insurance will benefit you in the long term:-

  •  When a personal accident has happened:-

Just like any other policy, the required amount to have a policy for is 60,000$, but some insurance policy provides you with coverage of 70,000$ for all the medical and hospital expenses.

People might be saying that they are quite professional and nothing will happen to them, but this is a wrong belief as accidents can happen to anyone and at any time without looking if they are professional or not.

The police have recorded a fatality rate of 2.73% out of 100,000 Singapore citizen almost every year due to accidents.

  •  When hospitalization and surgery is needed

These are the two main factors in anyone’s treatment as hospitalization will ensure that the person is not dying and will also ensure the regular checkup with the doctor to see if they are fine or not.

The money to perform a surgery of any type is very expensive as in surgeries doctor go deep into the problem, and they even have to cut the patients part of body open where they have to perform surgery to save his or her life.

  •  When there is abuse

Many of the maids experience abuse while they are working so they can file a report of abuse at a police station for that person’s name, and they will be arrested, and money of policy will be given to the maid so that she can go back home.

  •  When going through termination and rehiring process

MOM has issued a statement which tells us that about 1 of 3 maids has successfully completed their time period in a particular household.

While 2 of 3 maids have been terminated before their term expiry due to any personal reason or they, have met with an accident which has caused their death or permanent disabilities etc.

  •  When it’s time for the maid to go

This tells that whenever the maid feels that they want to get some time off from work, then they can decide to go to their home or anywhere they want.

The expense for that is covered by the employer using the maid insurance policy as it covers all the expenses that are occurred when you are appointing a personal household maid.

Ways in which maids have influenced people’s lives

Here are the ways in which maids have influenced the lives of people

  •  When we leave work

Maid is those people on whom most of the people are depended on as they do all the work of our house like helping us with cleaning, dusting and also they are the ones who are responsible to doing all the household chores and even bringing the grocery.

If they leave work and visit their home for a few weeks, then our schedule is changed as we will have to do all the household things by ourselves.

  • What we wear

Everyone is depended on their maid as they are given the responsibility of washing all the clothes and if you do not have the correct dress code, then you will be embarrassed to go to the meeting.

So this tells us that we are depended on them fully.

  •  They influence our opinion

Sometimes the maids are those people who will inform us about anyone that is talking about us behind our backs and is rather telling bad things and the maid have overheard it while passing by.

Maids will also have information about anyone who does not like a particular family, and then they will tell it to the particular family to be safe from anyone.

  •  Whether to have pets

They will also give their opinion on us having pets, and usually, the pets which we take are according to the convenience of our maid as many people do not want to give their maids a lot of stress work to do.

I hope you get the information you were looking for in this article.