What to Do After a DUI Arrest → 3 Important Steps | Miller Leonard

You went out with friends, had a few too many drinks, and then got behind the wheel. Now you are facing charges. A DUI is a big mistake, but it doesn’t have to end your driving forever. Keep reading to learn what you need to do in the event you are charged with driving under the influence.

  1. Call for a Ride

Whatever you do, do not expect to get back in your vehicle and drive home after a DUI arrest. There is a pretty good chance your car has been impounded, anyway. Once your Pennsylvania bail bond company has gotten you released, contact someone for a ride home.

  1. Speak With an Attorney

While most people assume they will need an attorney for a DUI, that isn’t always the case. They tend to be very straightforward cases that rely heavily on blood alcohol levels tested at the scene. However, if you plan to plead not guilty or contest the charges, then you might need one. Be sure to talk to an experienced attorney, ask about your options, and determine what your next steps should be.

  1. Get Your License Back

You will probably have your license revoked after a DUI, especially if this isn’t your first one. Once you have fulfilled your obligation to the state by paying a fine or serving your sentence, you can take steps to get your license back. Find out what you need to do and start working on those requirements. For example, you may need to take a safety course or secure an SR-22 form from your insurance company.

By taking the proper steps after a DUI arrest, you can begin to move forward. Call for a ride home, talk to an attorney, and take steps to get your license restored so you can put the episode behind you for good.