27 Outdoor Shed Organization Ideas for Clutter-Free Storage | Extra Space  Storage

One way to conceal your unattractive belongings at home is by storing them in attics, drawers, or cabinets. You might think that why would you still keep it if it is considered unattractive belongings already. However, we all have this attitude to keep things even if it is old. A few of this stuff might be old albums,  vintage suitcase, small furniture, or anything that you are having a hard time disposing of because it has sentimental value.

Unlike in our homes where we can keep things in order and cover it quickly, outdoor storage can look messy if not properly organized. Also,  the front or backyards are very wide and open. It is obvious in the eyes of anyone, so putting stuff can be a tiring job because you need to put everything in place.

However, regardless of how big or small spaces you have outside in your house, note that there are thousands of simple, functional alternatives to store your gardening tools, pond cleaning equipment, home cleaning materials, sports equipment, and more. If you’re up to know the things you need to do, read our list of four outdoor storage ideas that will help you secure and organize your valuable things. This might hook your interest.

Create A DIY Outdoor Storage Bench

Events like family reunions, birthday parties, graduation, and more are only a few of the most expected activities in our lives. Few of these occasions may take place at home, especially when you want it to look more intimate. Yet, the location in our home to celebrate this is often in our backyards, as backyard bashes are getting more manageable over time.

With that, you can add a comfy outdoor storage bench without thinking about storage space. It is unnecessary to buy a new one because you can have it by creating a DIY outdoor storage bench. You can be creative and take advantage of your old dresser or furniture to turn it into an extra seat with tiny compartments where you can store some items.

Customize An Outdoor Garbage Can

When we talk about other helpful stuff outside in our house that can keep other things, outdoor garbage can is one of them that is very useful daily. Note that garbage can be very unpleasant and unsafe if left poorly organized. It would be best if you also took some time to keep this stuff to avoid any problems.

You can also be inventive and customize your garbage cans that will compliment your garden instead of just one that stands out as a nasty rash or a stinky, overfilled trash can. Also, customizing it will need to depend on your style.

Install A Garage Storage Shelves

We can all agree that garage storage shelves are a valuable part of everyone’s life because you can secure and store valuable equipment and devices. Stuff like working gloves, paint cans, tools in a toolbox is a few of the things that you will find in every garage. So, having an extra space in your garage is really needed in order to keep these things in order.

You can install and customize it by creating your own DIY storage shelves or looking for a handyman who can take good care of it by placing it inside your garage. Either way, as long as it serves as extra storage for keeping your stuff in order, that’s what matters the most.

Build An Outdoor Bicycle Storage Shed

Note that it is not always an option to store your bikes securely locked inside your basement or garage; you can actually build an outdoor bicycle storage shed solely for this stuff. Deciding to leave your bicycle in the shed rather than loitering it on the balcony or in the garden is the best way to don’t give the potential thieves any chance to steal it. So, better have a space for your own bicycle.

Building this type of storage outdoors will be the best option for athletic members of your family to separate their stuff to avoid mixing it with other household equipment. So, better to try this idea because it is beneficial and convenient.


The storage areas within your home are no longer the only place where essential items can be stored. Outdoor spaces can be used to place DIY or customize storage where essential items can also be stored. Installing these outdoor storages can help you not just organize your stuff but also add extra appeal to your visitors’ eyes.

This will give them the idea that combining both aesthetic purposes and providing extra useful storage can actually be integrated. It is one of the best alternatives that you can do in securing your stuff safely and in place outside. So, better consider these ideas upon upgrading and taking advantage of your free spaces outside of your house.