The Best Baby Monitors for 2020 | Reviews by Wirecutter

Technology brings many changes in human life. You can do certain thing better, faster, and more reliable. This is what you get when having two cameras installed in nursery room. Both act as monitor to watch and observe situation. The target is a baby especially during nighttime to ensure there is no problem. 

List of Benefits of Camera as Baby Monitor

Camera is just tool as part of a baby monitor. In old day, parents only monitored via microphone and speaker. After that, new tech was released such as sensor for monition, heat, sound, and temperature. 

The most advanced monitor will include camera, LED display, infrared sensor, movement and sound detection, and automatic response. The camera will show real time situation and record everything in the baby room. If one camera is not enough, you consider having two or more. Benefits will be explained in the following list.


  • More angles and clear view


You are familiar with security camera in front of door. In fact, the same camera is installed in the nursery room for monitoring a baby. It is static installation that parent only sees directly to single angle. 

You can put two cameras at same time to get more angles and clear view. As you know, two perspective will give better display and you know what happen in that room. This is basic benefit when having more cameras. Check out this guide on best split screen baby monitors.


  • Backup surveillance


The next benefit is for backup surveillance. In this case, both cameras may be from same brands or products. On the other hand, you can try two different products or devices for a baby monitor. If one is failed and not working, you still has the second one. If parent still feels unease about a baby, adding three is the best solution. Keep in mind that more cameras from various brands will require different system. 


  • Sense of security


Some benefits come not just as something that is obviously visible or tangible. Sense of security is the utmost benefit why you should have two camera as a baby monitor. Having baby brings joy but worry at same time. Parents try hard to make sure everything is in the right place. This is something that parents only know. More safety gears will bring utmost comfortable.

Finding the Right Camera for Baby Monitor

After knowing the benefits of two cameras in the nursery room, you can start finding the right products at all. This is not easy task but some factors are necessary to be considered.


  • Budget 


The advanced baby monitor is not cheap especially with the latest technology. Camera has been the best feature for this kind of system. Parent can see what baby doing directly and provide response as soon as possible.


  • Features and installation


Some products have many features and the rest seems just basic ones. You check technical specs and manual. Camera may have integrated sensor for monitoring temperature, heat, movement, and sound.


  • Maintenance


One thing you cannot forget is maintenance after installing until parent does not watch a baby anymore via this device. Maintenance should be simple especially for beginner. 

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