The design-build approach has become the favorite for many homeowners in the last decade or so.  In the beginning of 2019, estimated that 44% of construction dollars would be spent on design-build projects between 2018 and 2021.  Unlike the traditional building approach where the control of the project is split between the designer and contractor, this strategy hands the whole responsibility on one entity— either the designer or contractor.

If you are a contractor or designer in charge of a design-build project, you must realize that the ball is entirely in your court.  Your boss is totally dependent on you to make his dreams a reality.  How can you make sure you do not disappoint?

 Here are a few tips worth noting.

  1. Adopt A Team-Oriented Approach

Making the shift from a bid-mentality to a collaborative environment can be a hard shell to crack for many contractors and architects.  This is because many of them are used to bidding low and making as much profit from the project as possible.  In doing so, they find it easy to point fingers when things go south during the project.  If you really want to score high with a design-build construction approach, you have to be willing to adopt a team-oriented and integrated approach.

  1. Be Picky With Your Team Members

Having a good design-build team is the secret to the success of a construction project.  When you have the most qualified workers in your team, the sky is the limit for you.  Obviously, good workers do not drop from the sky.  It takes meticulous screening of every single candidate you bring onboard.  Do not settle for low price but rather, genuine talent, skill, and experience.

  1. Understand Design-Build Best Practices

Like any other huge project, there are a number of best practices in the world of construction.  An example is performing specialty trade integration in the beginning stages of the project rather than after the design phase is over.  It is easy to feel cocky about your knowledge of these practices without really walking the talk.  If you want to be effective in what you do, ensure you are educated on all the design-build best practices.

  1. Get A Clear Vision From The Owner

It is uncommon for project owners to clash with their contractors because of communication breakdowns regarding the vision of the project.  It is, therefore, prudent that you clearly understand and articulate the project vision from the owner.  That way, you can achieve their goals and give them what they pay for.

  1. Define The Scope Of Work For Each Member

A successful building begins with a clear understanding of the expectations of each team member.  This requires a thorough definition of the scope of work upfront.  If this is lacking, the final product may not meet the project’s goals.  The project leader should ensure that everyone knows what he or she needs to do at every point of the project.

There is a difference between an average contractor and a cutting-edge one.  The latter will do all they can to put a smile on their owner’s lips.  If you are to join the list, watch out for the above-highlighted tips.

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