Coronavirus has definitely put a damper on a lot of businesses on a global level. This pandemic has caused the entertainment business to basically shut their doors as well as restaurants and non-essential businesses. Some businesses are unfortunately simply out of luck because they feature a skill rather than a product and are not allowed to be open at this time.

These businesses include:

  • Barber Shops
  • Salons and day spas
  • Pet Grooming facilities

Not all businesses offer services but rather offer goods. These types of establishments are redirecting their business plans and changing with the times. There are still a lot of things to factor in when changing from storefront to web-based and in some cases, unfortunate employment cuts must be made for the better of the business. This adaptive train of thought is also what is keeping many individuals employed during this pandemic.

Local family-owned businesses typically allot a portion of their earnings towards the advertisement. This means they utilize sales papers, signs, trade shows, radio announcements, and social media posts to promote their business. Advertising companies are currently experiencing an influx of PPC (pay per click) advertisements and web-based promotions to bring customers to the virtual side of stores. Small business owners that sell goods are featuring online sales and making shipping to their patrons their main priority. A lot of employee jobs have switched. Cashiers may now find themselves in charge of incoming orders while store clerks may now have switched roles and become shipping clerks.

The same is true for restaurants. With empty dining rooms, many establishments are now keeping their kitchen staff employed by fulfilling curbside orders. The waitresses are now running food orders to waiting parked cars. The same is true for wineries and breweries that no longer can fill stools and entertain guests in the house. Both are offering curbside pick-up and much smaller family-owned wineries are featuring shipping specials and case sales to keep sales up and staff employed. Tasting room servers are now loading cases and cashiers are helping with order placement.

The main priority in maintaining a business is the willingness to shift direction and go with the new normal. Coronavirus is here for an undetermined amount of time. Those in the real estate business are now offering virtual tours. Buying and selling homes is a necessity even during a difficult time like what the world is experiencing now. Lenders and bankers are willing to have video chats with clients in order to square away financing for deals and closings.

The technological advances that users have access to on their smart devices are what is making this time easier. During the coronavirus, individuals are encouraged to socially distance themselves from others. This means they need to be able to perform business from the safety of their own homes. By staying indoors and away from the general public we are limiting our exposure and putting fewer people at risk. The only individuals that should be working in public are the essential employees that keep us safe, healthy and taken care of so that we can quickly leave our homes, gather our necessary items and return back to the safety of our homes.

Business ideas during coronavirus need to include a safety plan to minimize exposure to the general public while maximizing profits for the business. Companies must be able to be flexible and re-route their business to web-based only and work with professionals that can help increase profits. Some of these business ideas during coronavirus include email blasts, online sales, virtual sales, and digital crowdsourcing to enhance sales and profits.

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