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In most sectors, organizations have a massive collection of data to collect, store, process, and study. As a result, the demand for candidates who can process big data is increasing rapidly. So if you are one of those people who are seeking to work in the big data field, this article is for you. In India, the number of big data jobs in Delhi NCR, as well as major southern cities, has increased by a significant margin. 

So the question is, what kind of jobs are there in the big data field? Let’s take a look,

Data Scientist

Becoming a data scientist is one of the primary options that come to your mind when thinking about a career in big data. Data scientists are capable of mining and interpreting complex data for large corporations. They partner with cross-functional IT teams to gather and produce multiple models of statistical data.

A degree like a Master’s or a Ph.D. in computer science is normally required for this kind of position. In addition, previous years of relevant work experience is needed.

On average, a data scientist can earn up to INR 8 LPA. However, this number varies highly on the basis of the job location. For instance, big data jobs in Delhi NCR will have a different pay scale compared to other regions in India. It also depends on the company as well as the competence of the candidate.

Data Engineer

Data Engineers use their computer science as well as engineering strengths to aggregate, interpret, and manage massive data sets. Their everyday tasks include planning and altering computer algorithms into prototype code, evolving technical processes to advance data accessibility, and creating reports, dashboards, and tools for end-users.

Typically, the required qualifications of a data engineer include a college degree in computer science, engineering, or other related fields. In addition, they should have knowledge about Linux systems, proficiency in SQL database design, as well as a solid command of coding languages such as Java, Python, etc.

The average salary for a data engineer starts around INR 8.6LPA.

Data Analyst

Data analysts accumulate information about several topics by creating and completing large-scale surveys. It is their job to gain survey participants, organize and translate the presented data, as well as relay their judgments in regular charts, reports or digital formats. 

Those who are interested in data analyst jobs must be proficient in computer programs such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, SharePoint, as well as SQL databases. They also need great communication and presentation skills. 

The average salary for a data analyst is around INR 4.1 LPA. With more experience, this scale can reach its double capacity.

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Database Manager

Database managers are trained and highly skilled in project management as well as multitasking. They conduct diagnostics and repair of complex databases. They also evaluate business requests for data and data usage, along with data sources to enhance data feeds. Database Managers also help in creating and installing storage hardware.

In terms of qualifications, Database managers must have a bachelor’s degree in information technology. Moreover, they need to have at least a minimum of five years in a database leadership position. They should also be well-versed in various database software such as MySQL and Oracle.

The average salary of a Database Manager is around INR 14 LPA.

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