It does not matter if you a veteran or a beginner in supping; falling off the board is unavoidable. Sometimes it makes part of the fun. But a right and wrong way of falling off the board. 

Here is how you fall off the board properly without injuring yourself. 

  • Stay away from the board
  • Fall shallow
  • Slice paddle through the water.
  • Lead with hands when resurfacing
  • Getting back on the board

Let us expound on this. 

Stay Away from The Board

When falling off, ensure you distance yourself from the board. Falling off far from the board will keep you far from harm’s reach, especially if you use the hard epoxy board to paddle. 

Fall Shallow

Make sure you fall shallow, meaning you should dive into the water, especially if it is not too deep. Ensure that when possible, lead with the butt and not your head. Falling butt first allows for falling shallow in case there are sharp objects or rocks under the water that may cause injury. 

Slice Paddle Through Water.

Slice paddling the water ensures you don’t slap it. When falling, have the have the handle or the blade head fall first. This is to make sure the paddle falls with you and is not left behind when you are falling forward. 

Lead with Hands When Resurfacing

When coming to the water’s surface, it will be best if you climb on board hand first and not the board. This is important because it allows you to mount the board with a clear path preventing you from hitting or getting hit by the stand up paddle board

Most paddlers do not adhere to this, explaining why many injuries happen when resurfacing and getting hit by the board. A hard board hit is more severe than an impact from the inflatable sup board. 

Getting Back on The Board

When resurfacing and mounting the board, you will want to climb on board and stand at the center point of it. Use the handle of the sup paddle to determine the center point of the board. It is always easier to pull yourself up onto the board from the center point. To do this, put your paddle on the board and push yourself up to a standing position once more. 



Follow this guide religiously so that when you fall, you will fall properly and not cut short your paddling session due to injuries.