In case you or your loved one meet with an accident with a truck, you need to hire an experienced truck crash lawyer who can protect your rights. Generally, the large truck companies would have their attorneys and investigators who help them. 

You can also hire an experienced and reputed motorcycle accident attorney San Diego California who can represent you.

Types of Truck Accidents

Large trucks like semis or tractor-trailers, pose risk to all the smaller vehicles on the road. Before hiring an auto accident attorney San Diego California, it is essential to know about the types of truck accidents. The truck rollover is a common type of truck accident. It occurs when the driver of truck losses control over the vehicle. The vehicle begins to slide sideways and anything could trip the truck and causing a rollover. It can cause due to aggressive turning if the vehicle is at high speed.

Air brake malfunction is the other truck accident type. This occurs mostly when a truck goes downhill. Due to sheer weight and size, the air brakes could not handle the stress. This poses a great risk for the passengers driving within the vicinity or in front of the truck. The list of other trucking accidents includes

  • Big rick crash
  • Dump truck accident
  • Firetruck crash
  • Utility truck accident
  • Commercial vehicle accidents
  • Garbage truck accident
  • Semi-truck jackknife and many more

Who Can Be at Fault?

It is not necessary that only a truck driver can be at fault there could be multiple parties at fault for the truck accident. The list of \ potential parties include


  • Truck Drivers: They are the one who operates the truck in an imprudent or unsafe manner. Speeding, overriding, driving vehicles under the influence of alcohol, or violating other traffic rules can result in a truck accident. The drivers are trained as well as licensed with commercial driver’s licenses. If they are driving without training or license, they may cause accidents.



  • Truck Companies: It is important for truck companies to inspect and repair their trucks periodically. Timely service and maintenance, keep the trucks in good working condition. An inadequately repaired or maintained truck can cause an accident. Steering columns, brake malfunction, worn tires can make it hard to operate a truck. The truck companies can also be at fault for hiring untrained drivers.   



  • Manufacturers: Truck manufacturers that produce defective parts or the truck can be at fault if the accident occurred due to defects.


  • Sub-Contractors: Apart from truck companies, the company that performs repair and maintenance can also be held responsible. For example, in case the truck rollover or jackknife due to improper loading, the subcontractor would be at fault.

Along with these, the other drivers such as inexperienced or drunken drivers can affect multiple drivers on the road/ highway and hold responsible for the accident. If you met with an accident with a truck and need legal assistance, Nakase Law Firm is the right place. They would help you in understand legal complexities as well as your legal rights. They would also assist in filing compensation claims and negotiation. 

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