Being a small or medium firm comes along with a lot of responsibilities. The entire handling, operation and management of the company becomes the job of a handful of people who are running the company.

List Of Invoicing Best Practices For You To Follow

Sometimes, most managers and owners  tend to handle their accounting along with the regular operations of their company. Things like invoicing and keeping a proper account of expenses and incomes is doable for some people. If you are also doing the same, here is a guide on how to make the process easier and certain tips you can follow while creating your gst invoice.

  1. Rely on online transactions

Nowadays, most transactions have moved to digital with the reduction in usage of cheques and cash payments. Due to this, it has become increasingly easier for entrepreneurs to have a digital record of all their transactions. Having a digital print of all their expenses and incomes makes it easier to log them onto a system when the time comes.

Here, the chances of error become much less as compared to an offline transaction that can easily be forgotten. Using digital mediums has now become very easy with the rise in digital payments applications and services. A firm can have multiple modes of payment that can ensure flexibility in transactions.

  1. Use digital ledgers

If all your transactions are online, it becomes easier to record them into a ledger in the future. There are several applications available that small businesses can use to record and keep track of their invoices. One such application is Khatabook, that easily facilitates the invoicing and accounting needs of a firm.

Small firms can use these applications on their phones as well as their laptops which increases convenience. If all your transactions are online and recorded properly in a journal from time to time, it becomes easier to track them when the need arises.

  1. Ensure regular and timely payments

Whether it is receiving a payment or sending one, it is important to do so on time to avoid any confusion later on. If there are any invoices that have been skipped by mistake or avoided due to any reasons, it is best to record this mistake and keep it in mind.

If this not done so, especially if you are recording transactions offline, there can be a lot of issues when you look back at past transactions. This will not only cause confusion for you but also the person who might be managing your finances. It can also lead to last-minute chaos if there is a deadline that needs to be met.

Hence, it is always better to make payments and receive them on time if your budget approves it. This helps in ensuring that there are no discrepancies between the two parties.

  1. Update constantly

With the increase in user interface and the convenience of the customers, it has become very easy for entrepreneurs to keep track of their expenses. Initially, there was a fixed day that could be once a week, once in two weeks or once  a month, depending on the number of transactions, when the owners would record all expenses and incomes.

Now, there is no need for this as well since people can immediately choose to update any transactions status on their website by using the app as soon as the transaction takes place. The advancement in the usage of the applications has facilitated the tracking of transactions and invoices using gst number.

  1. Adopt problem-solving skills

While dealing with clients, customers and payment issues, it is very important to know that problems will most definitely arise. This can create problems while you are trying to tally your account with past transactions. To tackle this, try to come up with solutions of your own that are specific to your issue.

For eg., if you are dealing with a client that has a habit of delaying payments, set up a reminder system so that you can ensure the successful arrival of the payments as and when they come.

It is important to keep these things in mind since these logistical issues might end up taking a lot of your time and cause issues while you are trying to analyse past records.


Along with all these, it is important that as a small business, you keep in mind that adapting to the changing business environment. If you can do that, not only does it help your operations become more efficient, but also prepare you for any future challenges. Accounting and finances can be a tedious job to do, but nevertheless, they are one of the most important operations for any firm, and it is best to be up to speed with any new developments regarding the same.

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