Today the gambling game of Casino is being played by many players across the globe. Before the 1990s, there were only Land-based casinos, where the players have to be physically present at the casino places. The gaming options will also be less in the Land-based casinos when compared to online casinos. Many of us will be having a question of when and where did the Casino emerge in ancient days. This article answers your questions in the following sections of the article.

Casino history

From the research, it was found that the casino game has been played before many thousands of years ago. But at an early age, the dice were used for magical customs and destiny based telling. During the 6th century BC, Circus emerged where there will people playing craps while betting money like fun. Later on in 1638, Casino was for the first time established in Venice in the name of I1 Ridotto. Later on, the term casino was being used prevalently. In the Italian language, the Casino means a small house.

So, the casinos were played by betting money in small private houses. Along with gambling, the players are encouraged and amused by performing dances and music. Those days only the honoured people are acceptable to the gambling houses. Hence the betting amount will also be more. But the traditional casinos had certain rules like,

  • the players must strictly follow the dress-code as told by the casino places
  • basic ethics has to e followed
  • The players must order something from the menu card.

But due to various issues,Il Ridotto was closed. The churches in European countries considered gambling activity as a sin. So, there were several protests against Il Ridotto (which is termed as Casino now).  But later in 1765, the game of casinos emerged first in Paris. This is because the tax from the gambling business was able to stock up the country’s capital. After this grand opening in Paris, during the 18th century, Casino was played in all European countries. AT those, Roulette was very popular, and most played gambling games by the players. The attracting rewards and Bonuses attracted many players to play casino games.

Casino at present days

During the 19th century, casino games became very popular, and with lots of money flowing, the casinos started to operate in places exclusively for casinos alone. The casino hall was designed with attractive architectures and became more sophisticated. Later on after few years, with strict gambling rules, the casino game was again banned. At the end of the 19ht century, Casino again emerged in USA-Las Vegas and started spreading to all countries.

With technology advancements, the Casino was made online, where more number of players started to play gambling games, due to convenience and time flexibility. The online casinos offered various casino games along with various variations for every game. For the first sign-up free bonuses were offered. The beginners can explore by playing in mock sessions without paying any money and then can start to play in real-time. This is the history of how casinos emerged across various countries in the world. Click here to learn more about the historical details of Casinos.


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