In this article, we will discuss how did the Queen meet her husband for the first time and got married. Also, we will talk about how the Queen celebrates her birthday in the UK and other British territories.

How did the Queen meet her husband?

The Queen met her husband when she was working in the Auxiliary Territorial service. She met her former husband called Philip, in the year 1934 when she was on an expedition. Prince Philips was not the King of Greece. He was the heir of the throne after his big brother. When his brother and cousins died, he was the prince of Greece and Denmark.

They had first met when she was working in the service, and he instantly liked her. But they had to go their separate ways from there onwards. Then in the year 1937, they met again, and this time they met each other in the Royal Navy College in Dartmouth.

They used to exchange letters to each other and used to talk almost daily. This was the first time that they have met each other, and they both had a mutual feeling for each other. Philip was not rich at that time though his sister was married to a German nobleman. Due to which they had enough money support to survive for a long time.

When did they both get married?

Philip was teased by the name of the Hun as his sister was connected to a German nobleman. That is why they used to think that Philip, too, was a German and worked as a spy. The mother told the biographer to write that Philip was an English gentleman to avoid any kind of unnecessary quarrel.

They both had met their families with each other, and they decided to get them both married. Philip was then renounced as the King of Greece and Denmark. This made Elizabeth the Queen of the UK as well as some other countries also. Elizabeth and Philip got married on November 20, 1947, at the West Minister Abbey.

Just before the wedding, Philip was officially announced as the Duke of Edinburgh by Elizabeth’s father. This made sure that people would respect him and also the Queen.

How does Queen celebrate her birthday in the UK?

The UK is known to be the home country of Queen Elizabeth the second. Her original birthday comes on the second Thursday in June same day as King George VI, who is her father. So as the Queen became the heir of the throne, she decided to change her birthday. This was done to avoid any kind of confusions between her and her father’s birthday.

The Queens birthday is celebrated with a big parade, and she keeps a feast for all the people who live in the UK. Also, the day when Queen has her birthday is kept a public holiday, and there is a sale everywhere. This is done by the Queen to keep the people of the UK happy and also make them follow the law.