Melbourne has been voted as one of the best places to live in, not because it’s clean, has good schools, has nice safe neighborhoods and is full of friendly people – those things matter to most people but to some people having amenities and a variety of entertainment options are just as important. You don’t want to have to travel for hours just to kick it with your maids in a bar with great music and lots of beautiful women vying for your attention. A man needs that kind of interaction once in a while and Melbourne has plenty of strip clubs to chose from. 


In Australia, Melbourne was the first city to welcome the strip club in the 90s. Since then the city has been known to be the most open city in Australia when it comes to adult entertainment.


Finding the strip club in Melbourne is easy. Just go online and search for “strip clubs near me” and you’ll be presented with a long list of clubs. The thing is, l these clubs will claim to be “the best” – as if there is an arbiter who decides what makes a strip club good or bad. There is no measure of what makes a strip club good or bad or best, you can only go by the reviews and ratings you’ll find online.  Does anyone still use Yelp, do locals contribute to online reviews and forums for tourists who would be looking for some adult fun? One thing’s for sure really: the city of Melbourne comes alive at night. With its plethora of pubs, bars, night clubs, there’s, museums and strip clubs, you will find exactly what you are looking for. 


Whether you are looking for a cheap place with cheep booze and girls with names peaches or if you are looking for a lavish gentlemen’s clubs with marbled floor and plush leather coaches it is easy to find. You could always ask a local, Melbournians like their strip clubs. Even those who’ve never been to one would know where to find one. 


The easiest thing to do is to head out to Kings Street. There you will find a variety of clubs with well-known names like Showgirls Bar 20 which is a classier club that defines itself as a Gentleman’s Club. Showgirls Bar 20 is a premium brand but the one in Kings Street, Melbourne is the only one in the whole of Australia. There is a dress code and it’s not cheap. It has top-notch dancers who can more than work a pole. Ask anyone who frequents Melbourne strip clubs about the best strip clubs near me and they will tell you that Showgirls Bar 20 is a great club. It’s more refined than other strip clubs in the city. The interior decor alone says “you have stepped onto hallowed ground, so be prepared to be entertained by ladies who look like they should be Showgirls like in Magazines like Hustler. This Melbourne club claims to be the best in Australia. If strip clubs were involved in some contest, Bar 20 would definitely come up as one of the best but it isn’t the only premium club in Melbourne or on Kings Street, for that matter. 


The bottom line is that Melbourne has entertainment for every kind of clientele and you really don’t have to work very hard to find a club that will give you good times.