Sicbo is a bet where you only guess the number on the output of three dice. Of course Sicbo gambling is very easy to install, of course there are so many people who like this bet.However, Sicbo gambling only exists in a casino place, so it is rather very expensive to go to a casino place. You don’t need to worry about this, because here you can bet online via Sbobet Casino.

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The Correct Online Sicbo Play Guide

The sicbo game is a game of 3 dice that will be shaken in a closed bowl. Here of course the players have to shoot at each other, and usually to shoot the numbers that come out, the players have lots of playing techniques. However, before knowing playing techniques, below are the rules of the game, as follows:

Sicbo Online Play Rules

If the aggregate number of three dice appearsuse to be 4 to 10 then it will be titled SMALL.

If the aggregate number of three dic appears use to be 11 to 18 it will be titled Large.

For example: in the event that the dice that is shuffled brings out the numbers 6 + 5 + 3 = 14, it means big. And in the event that the dice that is shaken comes out the numbers 3-2-2 = 7, it means Small.

In the event that the dice that is shuffled scores 1-1-1, and you play Small, you will still lose. Likewise with big bets, in the event that the dice come out 6-6-6, it will still be declared a loser.

Well, those are the rules of play that must be known by sicbo online gambling players in Indonesia, hopefully this article can help you bring benefits.