In every country, their country people have the right to choose the prime minister by voting. And every citizen should vote during the election time. If they fail to vote while the election, they are wasting the citizenship. And if any other country people would come to the UK without citizenship, they cannot vote for any people. And some people would come to work in the UK, and if the work has permanent, they should stay in the country.

Meanwhile, the person would not be able to vote in their country. Some people would feel lazy to go to their country for just one day. But if they got their citizenship in the living region, they would cancel their vote right in the born city and open it in the residing country. This method is standard in all states.

But here, the main problem is to pass the citizenship test. Still, more people are suffering to unable to get citizenship due to their monthly salary or their income. Compared to income rates, other elements are easy to pass out by the people like the b1 english test.

However, without seeing each other, that means the tester and the examiner, it is rare to conduct the exam. So it can also be said as direct conversations. Nowadays, due to this pandemic situation, they announced that the test would be completed online and through a video call. If the examiner wants to question the tester, he/she would ask him through video conference. And there are some restrictions while going online back-and-forth. If any of the malpractice were noted by the examiner, the person would be fired from the citizenship position. Simultaneously within the 10 minutes, the questioner cants able to ask more twisted questions to the tester.

Because, although, but, and these words would develop your conversation. Here we can see some examples of the own topic conversations. If the person chooses the family topic, he should subdivide the column into four more topics that could be divided and related to the main issue? While starting the conversation, start with the number of family members in your house. From here, you would get more than four subtopics. Before the exam, the day does a rehearsal by conversing in front of your mirror. When you speak by seeing the mirror, you will get more confident while talking.

And if your topic is related to sports, mention the sports name and the players you love the most as a player. And explain about the player in what way does the player impressed you. By explaining your life histories add some wishes, unforgettable memories, ambition, mission, expectations. While speaking, your language should not break down in any case. This might lose your chance of passing out. In every country, they must have limited time for every people within the end of the time they should own citizenship in their present county.








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