Bulldogs are quite ferocious in nature, but if you train them properly from the very childhood, then that can be really cute and lovable. Most of the people do not think that a Frenchie dog would be quite likeable, but they meet the proper training from the very childhood so that they do not become a rude one when they grow up.

How to train a French bulldog

Training your French bulldog can be a tough task, but it is not impossible. You may require a proper trainer for training you talk, but if you follow these instructions properly, then you can train your dog by yourself. Because at the end of the day it is your dog and you need to change it.

  • Start the potty training from a very early age

The main thing that you start off the basic training is their potty training from the very childhood. If you think that a puppy will not be able to do it on its own, then you are totally wrong. If you do not teach them for doing it in a right way or in the right place from a very early age, then it will never learn how to do it properly and when they will grow up they will not listen to you because the nature of a bulldog itself is very stubborn.

  • Teaching them with the positive reinforcement of verbal and physical gesture

French bulldogs are quite emotional images of whenever you scold them; they become very sad. That’s why while training, you should not scold them just because they are not doing it right. Instead, you need to use positive verbal and physical gestures to reinforce the habits in them. This way, they will learn whatever you are teaching them properly.

  • Make the Frenchie dog-friendly with other dogs as well

If you keep your Frenchie dog in closed doors and think that when they are open outside, they are going to be friendly with other dogs, then you’re totally wrong. You need to to make them frontier with other talks by frequently taking them to walks and meeting other dogs.

  • The proper tools

Training requires proper tools like dog collars or harness, or French bulldog jackets will help in making the training process proper. A French bulldog is quite stubborn by nature so you must require tools for the training of French bulldog.