Well, I got to say… It feels good to be back and shooting outfits again and generally posting on here! Neglecting all of my favourite things in favour of my degree was so weird and made me pretty sad so I’m so happy to be back at it and onto to the next chapter in my life! *breathes in the sweet smell of freedom*

I did a pretty intense degree in fashion design, which turned out to be something my whole heart wasn’t into and that was the hardest part of it all, especially when I was already doing other things in the area of fashion that I am mostly passionate about. I guess I still have PTSD from deadline anxiety as well as my safety net that was education being taken away from me, but I definitely feel so weird about it all – but excited too… Anyway, I’m totally rambling a load of nonsense… But if anyone does want to know anything about my degree or uni life in general etc please fire away and maybe I can do a video or a post with all your questions. If you need me, I’ll be reclining in the garden, relaxing and generally sunning myself in my beautiful Ray-Ban Sunglasses for a while!

Onto the outfit though… I’m still having massive 60’s fever. I feel like that’s just my thing in life now forever, 60’s everything – just pass me the PVC and I’m officially done! Boohoo have so many cute zip through skirts at the moment as well as 60’s/70’s inspired everything which is just right up my street (and probably every other fashionistas in the world this season…) I have a slight feeling this year’s groupie trend is just something that isn’t going away anytime soon (insert heart-eyed emoji here).


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