Carton packaging has always been a very important part of product packaging and distribution. Only properly packaged products that follow the BRC guidelines are to be trusted. However, there’s one feature that most printers overlook, which is environmental preservation. Hence, you should opt for printers like Netpak only since they follow all the guidelines to sustainable packaging methods that do not harm the environment in any way and are completely non-toxic too. 

In fact, to be honest, sustainable packaging is the future. Then why not make the proper changes now? If you too want to use only such safe packages that do not produce waste, then the emballage durable Netpak packages are the best options. 

Now, this is the importance of using sustainable packaging means. However, the next real question is how to go green? If that’s what’s been on your mind too, then the pointers below will take you through a couple of best solutions. Have a look! 

  • Quit Plastic – Do not use plastic packaging methods. Instead, replace it with biodegradable paper. Remember, most people are aware of the dangers of plastic waste nowadays. And they prefer environment safe products only. So, using high-quality paper packaging solutions as provided by printers like Netpak is one of the best ways to go green. 
  • Pick the Printer Carefully – Only very few printers like Netpak are not just BRC certified but are also awarded with different eco-responsive awards. These printers have peoples’ trust. Thus, having your cartons and packages designed by them will automatically make customers trust you, increasing your sales and building your brand’s value. 

Moving on, some of the services that you can purchase at such eco-friendly printers are listed below. 

  1. Pre Print Services – Designers create a blueprint of how the carton will look, its design and graphics, the colors to be used, and so on. 
  2. Printing Services – The selected prototype from pre printing will be sent for actual manufacture where high-quality special inks and printing methods like hot stamping will be used to make your products look classy and premium. 
  3. Finishing Services – The final product will be neatly cut and trimmed at the edges and will be properly glued and sealed. 
  4. Warehousing Services – Elite firms like Netpak can distribute your products to warehouses. They also provide logistics management services. 

You can have a look at many such services provided at this elite firm here,

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