Top 5 Best Truck Seat Covers -

If you care about your truck’s interior, then installing quality seat covers is paramount. Seat covers slipped over your existing upholstery acts as a shield, accumulating dirt, dust, and other debris. Dirt, however, isn’t the only danger your truck seats face, liquid spills are most dangerous. They not only damage your visual aesthetics but also affect your resale value. The elements also tend to discolour and bleach your upholstery, creating odd, unsightly, shapes. Thus, installing durable truck seat covers plays a huge role in your truck’s value.

What Makes A Durable Truck Seat Cover?

For the aforementioned reasons, protection against the elements is a must for any truck seat covers. A durable seat cover offers solid protection against UV radiation blocking 99% of the rays. UV has deep penetrating power and therefore your seat cover fabric ought to be tough.

Another important feature, spill protection is also crucial in determining the durability of a seat cover. Waterproof or water-resistant cover seat variants are the best. These absorb excess moisture and expel the rest ensuring they don’t seep into the existing upholstery. This feature also makes them easy to clean and machine wash if possible.

Canvas fabric is made from plain-woven cotton. Its simple yet sturdy composition makes it a suitable cover for truck seats. Canvas is also the material employed by military and tent manufacturers. Canvas is water-resistant and easy to clean against mud and spills. Canvas truck seat covers come in many fabric blends of texture and durability. The most durable is the tweed blend, a water resistance, soft and flexible canvas blend.

Leather material is water-resistant, it absorbs and expels moisture. It is also highly durable and very comfortable to feel. Leather is lustrous and genuine leather is a natural material that is breathable and also smells quite pleasant. Leather is relatively flexible and softens as it ages.

Ever wondered how travelling through the desert on a horse with no name feels like? A saddle blanket, as the name suggests is a woven fibre construct placed between a horse’s back and the saddle. It is tough and durable to withstand abuse without fraying easily. Additionally, it provides comfort and is unique.

Customizing Truck Seat Covers for Durability

To ensure you get the most out of your truck seat covers, it is prudent that you have them custom made. Customization provides a perfect fit that confers long-lasting protection against constant use and abuse. Since most universal seat covers are made standard, from thinly woven polyester, they tend to wear down quickly. Premium, custom-tailored truck seat covers, fit over the seats like a second skin.


Protection is only as good as the design. Customization makes it possible to design your truck seat covers. do you want something flashy? Then the leather material is your best option. Or perhaps you’re an outdoorsy fan? Then the canvas fabric is your ideal choice. If you’re looking for comfort, then a saddle blanket seat cover will give you just that.