A carrier oil is what the name suggests. It is an oil that carries the other substance. When we are talking about the use of CBD, then carrier oil can do much more than just carrying the oil. It can significantly influence how your body is going to absorb and utilize the CBD. In case you want to extract and dry CBD from hemp, it is not going to be too beneficial for you. So, what are the best carrier oils for CBD? Let’s find that out in today‚Äôs blog and learn more about the Custom printed CBD boxes.

  • Hemp Seed Oil – it does not contain any kind of CBD & can be found in a different part of the plant. When you are infusing hemp seed with CBD, then some of the elements get reunited and it may work for your benefit only. Both hemp seed and CBD does not contain any kind of THC traces. That is the reason why you can use it as a carrier without any worries. The absence of the psychoactive compound will never make you high by using the carrier. It has high antioxidant levels and makes for a good source of fiber. Hemp Seed also contains good amount of magnesium, calcium, iron, and zinc
  • MCT – MCT or also known as the medium chain triglycerides, can be derived from coconut & sourced from kernel oil. MCT is much easier to digest and is light on your stomach when compared to the ones present in olive oil. That is why CBD carried by MCT can be absorbed by the body at a much faster pace. It can also preserve more oil during the extraction. The use of coconut oil for CBD carriers has been termed as the most perfect. MCT is generally 90% saturated fat and that aids in the CBD absorption. Being light and thin, it is almost flavorless. Head out here to find Custom Boxes with logo for your CBD packaging.
  • Olive Oil – olive oil is one of the most common carrier oil that you can find in the market. It is very familiar and has turned out to be one of the most popular cooking oils as well. Unlike MCT, olive oil is made of long chain triglycerides. That is why they take some more time to digest. However, olive oil is very high in iron, vitamin K, vitamin E and also rich in antioxidants. One of the best benefits of this carrier is that it can be absorbed by the skin even faster than MCT.

So, here are the best carrier oils for CBD that you can use. Visit the web and find out the custom cbd boxes to pack yout CBD products.