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If you are a homeowner and you have trees in your yard then you must know that they will change their shade and leaves will drop to the floor. Although, we won’t declare that fall is not the high time to take care of your tree or carry out tree trimming Des Moines. But it also won’t hurt to give some care to your trees in order to make sure they are healthy throughout the year.

If you are seeking for some tree service in Des Moines and want to keep your tree beautiful and healthy throughout the year, below are some of the easy but helpful tips relevant to tree care and management in the fall:


Once you perform profound watering, it’s time to apply mulch around your tree base. Make sure you do not overcrowd the trunk because this may cause decay. The mulch you applied will actually act as an insulation and it will keep the soil temperature to the warmer. According to tree service Des Moines provider, doing this will ultimately break down and pack nutrients into the floor, acting as a natural fertilizer.


During the winter months, many homeowners carry out careless tree trimming. But the reality is completely opposite. Fall is not an optimal moment to prune or trim your tree. This is because if any injury is induced by tree trimming, it can be highly susceptible to infection. Also, early fall trimming can encourage fresh development, but these fresh buds can get harmed by the cold season and decrease tree health. 


According to a tree service Des Moines provider, holding your watering timetable to a minimum during the winter is crucial. In the spring and summer seasons, you need to perform enough watering in order to help reinforcement in the tree for the future cold season.

In the early months of autumn, trees lost their leaves. This is the ideal moment for you to provide profound water for both young and mature trees.

Keep in mind: when profound watering is done, water should be applied in the exterior regions of the tree canopy which is along the circle of soil. This is said to be the root component where the majority of water is absorbed by the tree. 

Tree service Des Moines providers advise continuing watering until the soil is wet. Carrying out deep watering and minimum tree trimming will ensure the availability of all the humidity which is required by the tree to fight the cold weather.


If you have a dead tree within your areas, it can invite insects and disease to some great extent. As a result of this, the tree health will be highly affected in the vicinity and will harm potentially your home too. 


Many expert tree service Des Moines providers claim that a seedling or two must sprout near your property over the several previous months’ time spans. They may get enough help from the water running in your gutters. The best way you can remove those seedlings is to avoid burrowing their roots in your base as this will cause issues with your home stability. 

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