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The polished plaster spatula is the most traditional and expensive. It involves laying three layers of product with a specific tool. From a technical point of view, the use of the spatula is more difficult, but it allows creating decorative stuccoes that are much more complex: such as marble stucco, the so-called sand wind paint or the rough effect.

How is the Venetian plaster applied on the wall?

  • As we have indicated, to achieve the desired effect, three coats must be applied, with long drying times between coats (which can be up to 24 hours).
  • The application of the filling itself can include curvilinear movements, typical of the classical technique, or circular or straight, depending on the effect that the client wishes to obtain.
  • When the last coat of stucco has dried, the painter will use the spatula to smooth the material evenly, preparing it for the final stage of wax polishing.
  • At this point, all that remains is to rub the stucco with a woolen cloth and let it dry, to give the effect of shine and elegance so characteristic of Venetian decorative stuccoes.

Advantages of polished plaster

The considerable number of advantages of polished plaster company london compensates for its high price.

First of all, its ecological compatibility

  • This technique is based on lime and marble powder, all natural, non-toxic elements with anti-mold and antibacterial properties.
  • In addition, Venetian plaster is highly resistant to moisture and at the same time is breathable. This means that it will give the wall the ability to exchange air with the outside, thereby preventing moisture build-up and condensation.
  • The countless range of colors and types of decorations make polished plaster very versatile. You will have a whole range of possibilities.
  • Finally, this particular painting technique guarantees high durability over time and a highly original visual effect.

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polished plaster is a lime and marble powder based coating that uses layers of stucco applied with a spatula creating a smooth and translucent surface, which allows effects with multiple nuances of the same tone, using the spatula technique, very high gloss and soft to the touch, coating of great beauty and elegance. It gives a feeling of spaciousness and lighting due to the reflection of light in the stucco.

Stucco with color combination

Stucco with color combinations is an exclusive technique. Using a combination of colors at the customer’s choice or through my advice, a unique and unrepeatable wall is obtained. The effect is an important element to highlight, it can reflect passion, drama or calm, depending on each project.

Polished plaster with gold

The stucco with gold is a unique and exclusive design. It is a polished plaster of the color of the client’s choice, to which is added a metallic gold color that complements and enhances the stucco, giving it translucent gold highlights visible in the light. Here in Argentina I am the only one to make this exclusive luxury design.


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