The battery within vape needs to be replaced from time to time for a better idea. The battery in your vape is responsible for its smooth functioning. Therefore, it is essential to keep the batteries updated and to replace them from time to time. One important thing to note about vape batteries is that the batteries won’t last forever. 

If you are using a vape, you need to know when to replace the battery so that it does not harm your hardware. 

Signs that your vape battery needs to be replaced

Before determining how fast you should be replacing the vape battery, you need to determine when you need to change it. You should keep a check on your battery’s condition to find the best time to replace the vape battery. 

  • Not holding the charge

The biggest sign that your vape battery isn’t functioning properly is if it fails to hold the charge like it used to. Often as batteries tend to degrade, the vapors won’t be dense, and it won’t hold a charge properly. If the battery that lasted for a day doesn’t even last for a couple of hours, you will need to change it. The number of sessions it lasts for also has a vital role to play. 

  • It is leaking

When the battery degrades, it starts leaking the fluid. If you notice such leaks, you will need to replace it immediately. A leaking battery is bad for your vaping device. Also, it is very dangerous as one puff can destroy the entire system. It is essential to follow the safety precautions for the installation of vaping devices. 

  • The device fails to function properly

Lately, if you have been noticing that your vaping device isn’t functioning properly, you need to replace the battery. Although there are chances that there might be something wrong with the battery, you need to keep a check with the battery as well. 

When to replace the battery? 

Now that you know the signs of a bad battery, you need to know when to replace it as well. 

  • If your battery has caught up mold, you need to replace the battery before the molds grow out. 
  • If you have been using a pod system with a fixed battery, you may have some problem detecting the problem in the battery. 
  • You will also need to replace it if you have been using a portable vaporizer. 

You can check the PGVG lab’s e-liquid wholesale to determine the best time to change the liquid as well as the battery. 

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