According to Reviews, the best things are often the result of an accident. Inventions go a long way to prove this statement. In this article, you will get to know about products invented with very different intentions and purposes, but powerful side effects that made companies change their marketing plans.

The Products

  1. Coke or cure for morphine addiction? – Coca-Cola, the sugary carbonated liquid that has birthed one of the largest corporations of our time didn’t even start out as a soft drink. Dr. John Pemberton, the inventor of the original formula of Coca-Cola had been injured in a battle and became addicted to prescription morphine while recovering from his injuries.

Being a pharmacist, Dr. Pemberton decided to make his own curb to curb the addiction. So, he made a drink with major ingredients being cocoa leaf extracts and alcohol. If the former ingredient sounds similar, yes, that’s where cocaine comes from. The drink was marketed as a nerve tonic in its early days and cocaine wasn’t removed till the turn of the 20th century.

  1. You see bubble wrap, I see textured wallpaper – Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes wanted to make a new textured bubble wrap for an edge in the market and thus, bubble wrap was born in 1957. Shower curtains were sealed to make layers of bubbles. However, the product didn’t turn out to be a hit on the wallpaper market.

Later the entrepreneurs tried to market it as insulation for greenhouses. However, the product didn’t find its current purpose until IBM launched its 1401 computer. The bubble wrap was used to keep the expensive computers safe during transit.

  1. Viagra wasn’t meant to be used before bed – Sildenafil Citrate or popularly known as Viagra wasn’t meant to be used for erectile dysfunction. Scientists who developed the drug wanted to treat a heart problem, Angina by lowering blood pressure. However, clinical trials revealed surprising side effects.

Since 2007, the side effect proved to be extremely lucrative and the drug found its new purpose in the market. Use of this drug didn’t just increase blood flow to the penis, but also to your heart and lungs.

  1. Frisbees hold delicious pies – During the late 19th century, William Russell Frisbee bought a Connecticut bakery. The company was called Frisbee Pie Company. The company really flourished through the 20th century and reached a massive production quantity of 80,000 pies each day back in 1956. Cookies and Pies made by this company came in a plate-shaped tin with “Frisbee’s Pies” punched on them.

Students at Yale University found another use for these plates and started throwing them in the air. It gave birth to a new fun game, but the spelling changed to “Frisbee”.

Conclusion Reviews believes that you should take lessons from these brands and entrepreneurs to make use of every possible opportunity. A seemingly useless product to someone can be a revolutionary game-changer and become someone else’s treasure.