Students are thrilled to go to college. Parents feel concerned and overwhelmed with all the packing and moving. Students are waiting to experience freedom and independence away from home. Another question that arises is about having a car at the college. However, having it with you at the campus has its perks. 

  • Instead of walking or paying Uber fares or waiting for public transportation, you can drive anywhere you need. It is handy when you lack a component or element for your project. A car on campus offers convenience.
  • You are free to drive at your convenience. No need to expect a ride from friends or wait until they are free. You enjoy independence in your car.
  • As you are moving to a new town or metro area or state for four years, you can explore it around besides getting an education. On weekends, go sightseeing and try new restaurants. 

Along with the perks you even need to consider the drawbacks like gas bills and parking costs. You can cover these bills with a part-time job. So the perks outweigh the drawbacks of having your car on the college campus. It will make your life easy in a new city.

Why hire an auto Transportation Company to ship your car to the college campus?

Driving your car to the college campus is tempting but there are safe and affordable solutions. It is better to use a reliable nationwide auto transport company like Ship A Car, to have it safely delivered to your institute Below are some undeniable reasons why you must ship a car to college campus with the help of a professional auto transport company, rater than driving it all the way.

  • Cost-efficient – A road trip is fun but expensive. Driving to the college needs money for food, gas, and possible overnight stay in a hotel. Besides, if your car is not fuel-efficient, then there will be a need to spend more on refilling the tank. There will be frequent stops and delays to reach.
  • Safe option – There is no need to worry about traffic or long-distance driving or getting into a collision. Teenagers, when excited like to fly on the road. They hardly rest, which makes driving dangerous. Truckers are an experienced and safe option for car shipping
  • Quick solution – Driving your car to the college can take several hours of some days based on the location. Waiting in a traffic jam can be frustrating. Fortunately, you can take a flight and have your car shipped. It gives you time to enjoy yourself with your family before leaving or get settled in your room on the campus.
  • Protects your car – Driving long-distance add mileage. It even causes wear and tear. Shipping carriers protect your car, which can reach safely. You get a reliable vehicle to drive during your college years. 

Ship A car is an experienced auto transport company. It ships different kinds of vehicles across the US safely and quickly. They have a team of truckers, who are experienced and skilled in dealing with every kind of situation coming their way. You visit their website and get a free quote filling simple fields without any need for sharing personal details.