Beginners shouldn’t have to worry at Pokerstars since much of the menu is about how to download and install the poker platform. There are also numerous guides that explain the rules of the many variants of online poker, and certain strategies are also shared that you can use on the platform of Pokerstars Belgium.

We can’t say anything more, we looked at many poker rooms and in the end the verdict in our team was unanimous, agen dominoqq Pokerstars is the best online platform available to us, the game selection is impressive and with the exclusive pokerstars app you have the fantastic offer at your fingertips whenever and wherever you are.

Bonuses & promotions in poker, how does it work?

If you have read our other articles on sports and casino then you know that since the recent law change in Belgium operators with a license from the gambling commission , including the best websites for online poker belgium, are no longer allowed to offer bonuses or free money to their players to offer.

This does not apply to operators active in the Dutch market, so the Dutch can still fully enjoy, for example, a welcome bonus at online poker.

  • For example, the usual welcome bonuses on poker are a % on your first deposit . It can be 50% or 100% or even higher on some online poker websites. In the case of 100%, with an initial deposit of 100 € you will receive another 100 € (bonus) for free, so you have 200 € instead of 100 € to play online poker.
  • Then there are also websites for online poker that offer so-called ‘ no deposit bonus ‘. In addition to a bonus that is tied to your first deposit as a percentage, some operators also give you an extra amount, in addition to your deposit & deposit bonus.
  • In the Belgian market this is unfortunately no longer allowed for us, but that does not mean that the operators no longer offer promotions to the players of online poker.
  • The best websites for online poker belgium have become very creative in their promotions and prizes are offered to loyal players such as tickets to international poker tournaments or even participation in poker tournaments where the international top will also be present.

Where can I find the best live poker tournaments online?

Once you have mastered the basics of poker, you can look for what all the professionals are looking for, the tournaments with the biggest prize pools.

The best websites for online poker belgium organize hundreds of poker tournaments every day with all variants of poker available at dozens of tables. The jackpots in these tournaments range from tickets to participating in prestigious international poker tournaments to hard cash.

At any tournament, you can view the prize pool before taking your seat at the table. What are the websites with the best live poker tournaments? Those are the websites that offer the most live poker tournaments and also have the largest prize pools.