In this modern generation, emoji faces, or formerly known as smileys, are popular to convey emotions on SMS and social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Hence, the various emoji faces on different platforms help you express your feelings even without words.

That said, it’s essential to use the right smiley that best describes your emotion as of the moment to let people know what you really feel. If you’re happy, you can insert the grinning faces on your Facebook post to show your happiness to everyone. 

If you want to send love, you can use the emoji faces with hearts and forward them to your loved ones. Here are five of the frequently used emojis and the meanings behind them to know more about the correct usage of smileys.  

Smiling Face With Open Mouth and Cold Sweat

An emoji that conveys varying degrees of happiness is the yellow smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat emoji. Though it similarly expresses joy, this emoji shows happiness with relief. 

Typically, a grinning face with sweat is used when you want to show that you’re happy with overcoming a potentially negative event or a difficult situation. For instance, you posted on Instagram or Facebook that you just got the all-clear from the doctor or you passed a difficult exam.

This emoji is also great for exercise-related posts and messages. So, if you want to text your friends and invite them for a work-out or post on Twitter you have finished a dozen exercises, a grinning face with sweat at the end of your message will be great. 

Angry face

One of the frequently used face emojis as of writing is the angry face emoji or also known as “The Grimace” and “The Grumpy Face.” It’s the yellow scowling face with frowning eyes and mouth, and its eyebrows are crumpled downward in anger. 

When you use this unfriendly face emoji, you’re likely to convey varying anger levels, from irritation and grumpiness to outrage and disgust. For instance, if you have posted something on Facebook or texted someone with a grimacing emoji, they will surely think you’re being angry about something or being mean.   

Smiling Face with Mouth Wide Open

If you want to congratulate a friend, relay good news, or feel excited, you surely want to insert a smiling emoji with mouth wide open on your message. A yellow face with cute smiling eyes and a wide, open mouth — showing tongue and upper teeth for other platforms—conveys great happiness and good-natured enjoyment.

Moreover, if you’re trying to find the bright side of bad news or sarcastically pretending you’re okay, you can also insert this grinning emoji on your post. However, it’ll be better to use this smiling face to express your happiness and spread positivity to your social media posts than only pretending you’re doing great.         

Face Blowing A Kiss

Do you usually send sweet messages to your loved ones with a kiss? If so, you probably use the kissy face or face blowing a kiss emoji most frequently. This lovely smiley represents a good night or goodbye kiss and is excellent for sending love or perhaps after being a little too honest about your feelings or something.

Hence, if someone sends you a message with this emoji, that person conveys their feelings or affection for you—either romantic or friendly. Moreover, kissy emoji is popular for long-distance couples who want to send love and infinite kisses to each other virtually.  

Neutral Face

Neutral face or also known as straight-faced emoji is a yellow face with circular eyes and a flat, closed mouth. This emoji should describe neutral feelings but often used to express mild irritation, a deadpan sense of humor, and or concern.

Aside from that, neutral face emoji conveys multiple meanings, all of which are passive-aggressive or fairly negative. This emoji can be used if you’re in a state of shock because someone has just revealed something strange that you weren’t expecting. Or, you can use it to show that you’re embarrassed or feel awkward and don’t know what to say. 


With the continuously evolving technology of this modern time, you can now let your friends and loved ones know what you feel and want to say by just sending them the right emoji. The five emojis mentioned above are just some of the most frequently used smileys as of writing that expresses different emotions. 

So, if you want to tell them that you’re angry, happy, in-love, or feel awkward, yet you don’t know the exact words to say, a smiley or two may be enough. Ultimately, it might be better to convey what you truly feel using the right emoji than expressing them with the wrong choice of words. Try using them in your conversations and posts to add more excitement!