When there are so many options, decision-making becomes quite difficult. This applies to all life situations and especially when we are planning to invest a lot of hard-earned money. The first step to buying an expensive car is to decide if you want a luxury car or an SUV model.

High-end SUV models such as the KIA Motors SUV car range can prove to be an efficient choice if you are looking for the following features in your next car:

  • Versatility
  • Higher performance
  • More room for an extended family.

However, there are so many options even in the SUV model lineup from the KIA Motors that it gets difficult to choose one. Here in this article, we will discuss some of the top models of their SUV range so that decision-making becomes easier for you.

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Features of popular KIA SUVs and crossover range

KIA Motors owned by Hyundai is the second-largest manufacturer of automobiles in South Korea. With a sale of about 3 million vehicles every year, this company has quite an extensive lineup for SUVs and crossover vehicles.

Some of the most popular vehicles of this range are:


  • KIA Soul:


  •         This one is apt for those who love bold and expressive colors.
  •         With cutting-edge technology and a premium sound system, a long journey in this vehicle will surely touch your soul.
  •         It offers a very comprehensive infotainment system, ground-breaking safety features, and a sophisticated style.
  •         It is also the lowest budget car in this lineup with a starting range of about $17,490.


  • KIA Seltos:


  •         Ergonomic space, high-resolution display, 8-speaker sound system, and drivewise safety technology are some of the features that make this car a popular choice.
  •         The driver-focused features of this car are 2 responsive engines to choose from and torque-vectoring to provide the best control while driving even when the weather is harsh.
  •         Priced at $21,990 for the basic model, KIA Seltos delivers value and style simultaneously.


  • KIA Sportage:


  •         If you take frequent road trips with your family and friends, this car would serve the purpose perfectly.
  •         It has a car play and auto system for both Apple and Android users and 3 levels of safety features to provide extra assurance for the safety of loved ones sitting behind the wheels.
  •         The cargo floor, smart liftgate, and foldable rear seats make it truly a luxurious vehicle.
  •         Starting at $23,990, you should not even think twice before purchasing this versatile, stylish, and luxurious car.

Some other popular higher-end models in this lineup of The KIA Motors include KIA Nero with a hybrid crossover system, KIA Sorento ideal for large families, and KIA Telluride which is the largest in the family and has a 4-cylinder Turbo engine technology.

Take your time to compare all these popular models, plan your budget well, and become a proud owner of the KIA SUV line of cars.