Why do we get sick? What is the immune system made up of? How to strengthen your immune system? The objective of this file is to give you the keys to understand and strengthen your immunity on a daily basis.  Healblend offers the best herbal immunity booster that is the perfect solution to all these matters. You will obtain the complete amount of the vitamins and minerals essential for the production of antibodies, according to recommendations from the health community, by taking just two HEALBLEND Capsules each day.

Immune System: What to Remember

  • The immune system is made up of multiple players: organs, cells, micro biota
  • Unbalanced diet, poor quality sleep, age or even stress are factors that can weaken the immune system
  • Immune deficiency is a pathological situation, it is not the same as a decline in immune defenses
  • Promiscuity and too dry air put a strain on our immunity in winter
  • Allergies are reactions of our immune system
  • Strengthening your immune system requires taking care of your micro-biota
  • A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are essential for the immune system
  • Micro-nutrition can support the immune system

What Is The Immune System?

If we were to qualify the immune system, we would give it the name of “guardian”. Indeed, the immune system ensures the protection of our body against viruses, bacteria and parasites most common. It also ensures longer and more complex fights against heavier pathologies.

Healblend’s Immunity Support Capsules include a combination of herbs. Ormulated with a highly powerful combination of Elderberry and 20% Olive Leaf, Tourmeric and other vital components, Ginger, Calendula and Chaga, this potent immune boost is made with natural components of the finest quality to help maintain your immune system robust and resilient to battle against continuously invading germs. Healblend has accumulated the best elements for the perfect wellbeing.

The Multiple Components of the Immune System

Organs, cells, substances: the components of the immune system are numerous and interact together to protect the body.

Skin and Mucous Membranes

This physical barrier is the body’s first line of defense. Indeed, the skin and the mucous membranes (intestinal, oral or respiratory) prevent unwanted substances, such as germs, from entering the body. The mucous membranes, in particular, make substances that help destroy germs. The intestinal mucosa, for example, has a selective barrier role: it allows nutrients to reach the blood but retains pathogens.

Cells of the Immune System

In the second line are the cells that protect the body. Among them:

Lymphocytes or leukocytes: these are white blood cells that fight against bacteria, viruses and others. Lymphocytes circulate in the blood to protect the whole body. Some also reside in the mucous membranes in order to effectively fight against the risk of infections; this is how 70 to 80% of immune cells are found in the intestine.

Antibodies: these are molecules (proteins) capable of recognizing foreign (harmful) substances. They trigger the body’s immune responses by binding to them. It is through antibodies that white blood cells can recognize and destroy components that are harmful to the body. They are found in particular in the blood but also in the intestine and mucous membranes, in infected tissues.

Last Words

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