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With a myriad of occasions constantly happening, we might not have a lot of time to sort out an abundance of things. On top of other responsibilities we might have, we still want to be present and at our prime in celebrating these recurring occasions. It could be events like a friend’s baby shower, a wedding anniversary of a co-worker, or even a niece’s birthday; we all know the work that goes into it. All the preparatory work that needs to be done, like picking out the right outfit to remember the dates, can occupy us, let alone other things like picking out a gift that can be very time-consuming. But now, gift-giving should not be that big of a problem. With the tremendous help of various services like birthday gift delivery Singapore, delivering gifts could not be any easier. The wide range of gift items would meet your varied needs and allow you to find the most suitable gift for the occasion, all under the same website. Among other things, flowers can be an incredible choice for gifts. It comes in many arrangements, forms, and colours, making it very versatile for any occasion.

There are plenty of flowers that are in great demand for bridal bouquets and other special-occasion flower arrangements. One of them is the lisianthus, commonly known as the prairie gentian or known by its botanical name, the Eustoma flower.  The flower itself grows in warm regions and is native to the southern United States, Mexico, Caribbean and northern parts of South America.

Lisianthus flowers come in various colours, including white, beige, green, pink, blue, and purple, and are either single-flowered or double-flowered. Some varieties even have darker edges known as picotee, and others have darker flower centres which give lisianthus flowers even more colour variations. That said, such an assortment contributes to the versatility of lisianthus flowers in flower arrangements, decorations, centrepieces, and bouquets. Each colour of the lisianthus has different meanings: lisianthus flowers with deep blue hues can represent peace or harmony while those in bright red represent love or affection, lisianthus that come in shades of green can also represent success, fertility, and wealth. Given that each colour takes on a different meaning, lisianthus flowers can be gifted as gifts to express a specific emotion according to the occasion. Lisianthus flowers, in general, are used in events closely tied to love since it is an expression of gratitude, appreciation, uniting a couple in marriage, charisma and charm.

Growing lisianthus, or Eustoma flower, from seed; can be tricky and time-consuming. It is a heat-loving plant that needs constant maintenance, it should be kept moist but not overwatered, it needs a planting site with proper drainage and non-acidic soil, and it needs to get its daily intake of sunlight. Despite having the reputation of being hard to grow, fresh-cut lisianthus flowers can have a remarkable vase life of up to 14 days if being taken care of properly. Being so versatile and having much vase life, lisianthus flowers are the perfect choice for gifts and decorations. Furthermore, you don’t even have to worry about its tedious growing process when you purchase them already beautifully arranged and ready to be gifted.

To prolong and maintain Eustoma flowers’ vase life, start by cutting an inch off of each stem at a 45-degree angle. Then discard the leaves that reach past the water-line since they can decay and breed bacteria. In a vase filled with warm water, dissolve flower food and place your flowers in the vase. Flower food is a packet designed to help flowers stay fresh longer, and it is composed of mainly citric acid, sugar, and bleach. Each ingredient claimed to have qualities that help flowers last longer than they would if merely placed in plain water. After positioning it in a vase, keep the vase of flowers in a cool and dry location, away from air vents and out of direct sunshine. Over the days, it is observable that many of the unopened buds that have colour may fully unfold. Smaller buds may not open, yet they serve to sustain and enhance the larger blossoms and leaves.

In addition to that, it is advisable to check the water daily and add warm water as needed. Remove any flowers or foliage that have died. Before returning the flowers to the water, thoroughly clean the vase if the water begins to turn yellow or form a film. To maintain your bouquet at its best, make fresh stem cuts every four days or so.

This shows that Eustoma flower bouquets can last a long time with the proper and necessary care, it also comes in many colours corresponding to various occasions, and the best thing? It is only an order away to deliver it as a gift from flower delivery Singapore to your loved ones. Send a Eustoma flower bouquet today!