Cakes and balloons are common on birthdays, but are you one of those who wonder how to make a woman’s birthday special? Then you’ve come to the right path. Whether you want to celebrate your partner’s birthday or even your mom, grandma, or besties, we’ve got it covered. Finding the perfect gift may be tricky. The key here is to put and show a lot of thoughts in the gift. To guarantee the surprise goes smoothly, you can even opt for the ones with birthday gift delivery. The ideas below are affordable but will make the woman’s birthday special. She will surely feel loved on her big day and remember this for years to come!


photo of white Daisy flowers

For the women who appreciate romanticism, the number one choice will always be flowers. Flowers are not simply a bunch of blooms put together in a bundle; they represent deep meanings that we love to refer to as flowers’ language. Now the question is: which kind of flowers should you get?

If you know your partner’s favorite flowers, always stick with them. This shows that you care and pay attention to what she loves. However, if you don’t know what their favorite flowers are, do not worry! You could always ask them, but if you want this present to be a surprise, we have some tips for you.

Certain flowers are associated with who you are sending the birthday gift delivery to. For romantic partners, red roses would never go wrong. Bright and cheerful flowers such as daisies are great for your relatives. However, do you know that each birthday month has its flower characteristics? This is called a birth flower. For example, carnation is perfect for birthdays in January, and daffodils are for March-born people. You can look up which flower is associated with your loved one’s birthday month. That’s how you get the perfect flower!


person holding chocolate ball

Some flowers are edible, yes, but who can resist the sweetness of chocolate? Make it even more exclusive by ordering an exclusive chocolate bouquet Singapore for your birthday gift delivery. Chocolates are well-known as a mood booster, and have we mentioned that they are edible and taste amazing? Who wouldn’t want their mood boosted on a perfect day? Not to mention that birthdays are not complete with something sweet.

The chocolate bouquet is different from sending out regular chocolates. The bouquet shows that you put a lot of thought into the gift. The heavenly sweetness of chocolate, combined with a beautiful bouquet presentation, gives a spark of charm and romanticism into the gift. This is what makes it a special gift for her.

If you find it hard to throw a chocolate bouquet yourself, you can always seek help from online florists. They will surely cater to your needs, especially if your loved one has her favorite chocolate! Whether she likes milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or even chocolate mint, let the florists know how to arrange this personalized gift. Sending chocolate is another way to pamper the birthday girl.


man wearing mud mask

If you want to pamper your woman, help her pamper her skin. Rather than makeup, skincare is something that she would repurchase over and over again. You could get to know her favorite skincare. Therefore you are genuinely giving her something she uses daily or weekly. She would remember you every time she put on her skincare! However, this is one of those gifts that is better if you consult with her first. Don’t worry; it wouldn’t ruin the surprise! You can surprise her by decorating the gift box. You could even add some flowers and chocolate bouquet Singapore in there. Florists would love to help you put these together as birthday gift delivery to ease your surprise. Your loved one would appreciate the thoughts you put into this gift!

Kitchen Set

cooked food on pan and sliced vegetables

For cooking lovers out there, a kitchen set would be an amazing gift. There are a lot of stylish eight pieces of cookware out there that make an amazing birthday present. With many colors to choose from, it would be easy if you know her favorite color. If she already has a kitchen set, don’t worry; many essentials go in a kitchen. You could give her a microwave, oven, waffle maker, espresso maker, or even some unique kitchen stuff that she probably doesn’t have. She will be happy and use it to experiment with more dishes and drinks at home. Throw in some wine in the hampers. You could either drink them together, or she can use it on one of her recipes!

Home Workout Essentials

woman doing yoga

The pandemic has been making our stay at home longer than we want. Going to the gym is probably not the best option right now. If she likes to workout, you can always consider home workout essentials! There are a lot of birthday gift delivery ideas for this. Yoga essentials are perfect, such as yoga mat and towel. You can also give her dumbbells if she prefers to do a weight lift at home.

If she already has all the essentials, you can give her a pass to virtual yoga, Zumba, or any fitness classes! If she already has one, you can extend her class as it usually pays monthly. Another idea is to give her a workout outfit. Yoga pants are perfect. With everything done online right now, the work uniform has turned from work pants into yoga pants. She can use those yoga pants for both workouts and working!

Now that you have all these ideas in mind, you know what to do next! These gifts can be common or personalized. We understand that gift-shopping can be confusing no matter who you are shopping for, but hopefully, these ideas would reduce the stress of choosing your loved ones’ perfect birthday gift! The easiest way to get these candle-blowing companions are through birthday gift delivery. Whether you choose cakes and flowers pairing or chocolate bouquet Singapore, there is pretty much no reason you should be overwhelmed! Just remember to choose the ones that represent your loved one the most, so they know you indeed put many thoughts into it. Happy shopping!