Have you ever had the feeling that something is missing? The Christmas tree is decorated, the garlands beautifully shimmer with all colors. But as soon as you turn your head to the other end of the room, you get the impression that there is no holiday. After all, the scenery is missing. How to proceed in this situation? Alternatively, you can hang lamps and other elements of the room with bright garlands made of foil or other materials. But doesn’t it seem too boring and mundane?

Balloons can be a good alternative. Moreover, depending on whose year it is according to the horoscope, you can also select necessary colors for decoration. For example, 2021 is the year of the metal bull. You can use silver, gold, gray and white balloons in decorations. Gold latex balloons will look great when paired with silver ones.

Now that we have figured out the colors we need, let’s see how you can successfully decorate a room with balloons.

Balloons decoration ideas

In general, you can decorate the room for the New Year as you see fit. It should be borne in mind that everyone has their own individual taste and what one likes may seem uninteresting to another. Below we offer several options that will look great as decorations for a room.

Latex balloons

We have already talked about the version with gold latex balloons. But that is not all! Indeed, in addition to a huge palette of colors, you can also use interesting inscriptions, pictures, photos on balloons. And this is not only the phrase “Happy New Year”. You can use balloons as original greetings. Moreover, for people with a good sense of humor, you can choose funny phrases (“2020 you were good, but no”, “I hope this year was not a sequel to a full-length film”, etc.)

Mylar Balloons

If you want something special, then you should pay attention to the foil balloons. It can be snowflakes, bottles of champagne, figures of Santa Claus, snowmen, cartoon characters. Also, you can choose both small balloons and large ones. Try to supplement them with a latex balloon composition. Most importantly, do not forget to observe the harmony of colors.

Surprise Balloons

This is an interesting way to present a small gift. They are placed inside the balloon (mostly foil). Usually, children and adults like to burst a balloon and find a small present for themselves. However, it should be borne in mind that many people are afraid of loud sounds.

LED Balloons

Nowadays, balloons with LED garlands are very popular. They are bright and can serve as an alternative to conventional glowing garlands. This kind of decoration looks fabulous in the dark!


You can list many more creative ideas for decorating a room for the New Year. However, you must adhere to one important and simple rule: listen to yourself. Only then you will be able to create individual and beautiful decorations that guests will remember for a long time.