Welcome to the Kohi Click Test. The point is to click that button as quickly and as often as possible within 10 seconds. To put it shortly, this is your ultimate click test, which does not have any drawbacks. Have lots of fun with it!

The click game is a free game for your browser. You have to click as fast as possible to get a high score. You can also play the online click game with your friends. And you can easily share your result on Facebook.

Click Game Description

How many clicks can you manage per second? The click game is a browser game. All you need is a modern web browser such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. If you are interested in how fast you can click, have fun with the click test that is discussed in our article.

The Main Features of this Click Test

If you want to test how fast you can click, then you’ve come to the right place. The click test on https://cps-check.com/ lasts 15 seconds. You can do the test with the computer mouse or with a touchpad on the notebook or by tapping the screen on the smartphone. So you can quickly test how fast you can click on all devices. A click speed test is also an amazing way to see if your mouse reacts really quickly. As you may know, some mice are problematic: they are difficult to press and react slowly. This is often a disadvantage, especially when playing games. Therefore, gamers often need to fix their mise. And to check if everything works normally, just use the test.

Mouse Click Counter

Clicks per second are the value that is measured here. Strictly speaking, the number of mouse clicks you make is measured for 10 seconds. This is also a mouse click counter that gives you an exact value.

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