People usually think that the medical sector is all about doctors. However, it’s not true. The field of medicine is so vast that there are hundreds of job opportunities that fit the right skill sets of people with varied interests. And this guide has been curated to take you through a number of opportunities in medicine that you’ll definitely love. However, before we can take you through those job titles, we would first like to take you through some of the reasons why you should try with Hunt medical sector jobs on highly-rated and certified job agencies only. 

Here are the reasons that you should be aware of. 

  • Agencies that have been in business for decades make sure that they provide listings from genuine employers only. 
  • Such agencies take special precautions to avoid listing scam jobs in their portal.
  • They offer resume building services to increase your chances of getting the right job that pays well. 
  • They are very easy to get in touch with. 
  • They are a bunch of experienced career advisors who can help you in finding out the best jobs according to your skills and experience.
  • They can help you get part time jobs, temporary jobs, as well as full time jobs.

That said, let’s now take you through the different job titles in medicine. 

  1. Doctor

Yes, we have listed that being a doctor is the most obvious career selection in medicine. However, the kind of doctor you want to be depends upon your interest. So, you can be:

  • A general physician.
  • A surgeon.
  • A veterinarian.
  • A dentist.

Also, you could be a specialist like a cardiologist, an orthopaedic, a paediatrician, and so on.

  1. A Nurse

Nurses are next to doctors. As a nurse, you’ll be responsible:

  • For offering first aid.
  • For helping/assisting a doctor in surgery.
  • For taking rounds throughout the hospital to check the vitals of the patients.
  • For providing mental support to the patients.
  • For analysing every medical equipment and suggesting repairs whenever needed.
  • For keeping the record of the patients.
  • For keeping an eye on the inventory.
  1. A Lab Technician

Yours will be laboratory work related to research and documentation. The roles and responsibilities as a lab technician will be:

  • To conduct scientific experiments.
  • Recoding data and analyzing the results obtained.
  • Sterilizing all medical equipment and monitoring devices in the hospital.
  • Supervising the hospital staff.

Besides these 3 medicine job roles, some others that you might like are listed below. Have a look!

  1. A clinical and/or a hospital administrator.
  2. A medical secretary.
  3. An audiologist.
  4. An optometrist.
  5. A speech therapist.
  6. A physiotherapist.
  7. An acupuncturist.
  8. A paramedic.

So, if medicine is the one field that attracts you, then you must check the listings on job search portals and platforms like The Hunt Job agency

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