If you love Asian cuisines, then you must have heard the name of Donburi rice bowls (ข้าว ดง บุ ริ, which is the term in Thai).  The Donburi rice bowls is a simple rice dish from Japan. However, the people who like to try the exquisite cuisine from different countries can always go for the bowl of Donburi rice and enjoy their evening alongside the fantastic meal. 

Just imagine the bowl of donburi rice, topped with the fish, beef, or tempura. Each bite bursts a new flavor in your palette. If you are the one who likes the idea of tasting this scrumptious dish, here are a few things that you must know before making an order for the Donburi Rice Bowl. 

What exactly is Donburi Rice Bowls?

In Japan, the Donburi simply means a bowl of rice served with a different ingredient. The topping, broth, and rice together make Donburi rice bowls such as special cuisine. 

People try different topping while preparing the bowl of Donburi rice. However, the popular toppings choices that you can try for yourself are beef, raw fish, and tempura. Remember, you can always try new toppings as you like. The great thing about donburi rice is you can try to mix different flavors, sauces, and vegetables to make the dish according to your preference. 

On the menu of Donburi Rice Restaurant, you can check out the different types of Donburi Bowls. Chefs have their signature style and unique way of preparing the Donburi Rice Bowl. So, be ready to learn about the different types of Donburi rice bowls. 

Type Donburi Rice Bowls That You Can Try Today


  • Oyako Don


If you love to try the historical dishes, then the Oyako Don is for you. The Oyako Don is first invented in the year 1891, so the cuisine has historical roots in Japan. The dish name means “parent-child-bowl” due to the chicken and egg, which are the main ingredient in the dish. 


  • Gyu Don


If you are a meat lover, then the GYU DON can be the next beefy meal you can try for yourself. The Donburi rice bowls are served along with ingredients like beef, onions, and a raw egg.  Moreover, if you are not a beef lover, you can go for different ingredients as the GYU DON comes in another variation that includes noodles and vegetables. 


  • Ten Don (Donburi With Tempura)


Ten Don is one nutritious dish you can try today.  Ten Don use the crispy rice served along with the tempura, which later is dressed with soya sauce.

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