Hosting services play a crucial role in websites. But if you go to a website and check the type of services available, you might get a little confused. You will find that there are different tiers for a wide range of hosting services. Let us talk about shared hosting in India – how and why it could be good for your business?

In shared web hosting, multiple websites are hosted on a single server. There are multiple factors at play – bandwidth, storage, FTP, or databases. If you are using shared web hosting, the processor and memory will also be shared. Let us take a look at the benefits of shared web hosting.

  • Available at affordable prices:

Probably the most interesting part of shared hosting services is the price. If you are a beginner and are considering getting your own space for a website, you should start with shared hosting. You might not have a ton of money when you start. So, shared web hosting will be affordable. Also, shared hosting is mostly managed for you. You can get a managed WordPress hosting at a very reasonable price. You can get started with shared hosting at Bluehost for Rs. 199 a month.

  • Shared hosting is user-friendly:

If you are a beginner, you would probably not want a complicated interface for your website. You will need hosting services that are simple and user-friendly. You will get an easy-to-use hosting interface if you choose shared web hosting. This will help you to set up your website. You will not need a professional to set your website.

  • Fast technical support:

Shared web hosting services have another benefit. Even though people feel that lower prices mean poor technical support, it is quite the contrary. VPS hosting or a dedicated server will not get you fast technical support when compared to shared hosting. Since multiple websites are being hosted on a single server, it will be easier to get technical support. You can get managed WordPress hosting with good support from the customer service tech.

  • Efficient:

Web hosting services are efficient. Important things in web hosting are bandwidth and disk space. You will get enough storage and bandwidth for your website. It might happen so that you get a VPS and you do not utilize the services to their full extent. It is much better to start with shared hosting. When your customer base expands, you can switch to VPS.

  • Easy to upgrade:

You will find multiple tiers and options with shared hosting in India. Your website will probably not have a lot of traffic when it starts. You will also not require a lot of storage. You can choose a plan that is comfortable with your budget and requirements. When you analyze that you need a better plan, you can switch. It will be effortless to upgrade your plan.

These are some of those features that add to the popularity of shared hosting. You might find your reason to go for shared hosting among these aforementioned points.