Hand gestures are pretty understandable in real life. And, they too can be understandable and transparent in a digital scenario. Hand gestures emojis are something that you can use to avoid a lengthy reply coming from your end. These hand emojis are transparent, easy to understand, and something you should use in your digital conversations today.

You can convey a pretty clear picture and zee message with the help of hand emojis. Some of the hand emojis we listed down are commonly-known and frequently used. You can use these hand emojis on your chats, texts, and other social media posts. Here are some hand emojis and their unique meanings.

Raised Hand Emoji

Emojis depict the “Raised Hand Emoji” as a human hand with extended fingers that go near together. You may interpret this hand gesture as “Stop,” and you can use that definition in using this hand emoji. There is no better way to signal or convey a message that you want them to stop than the hand gesture to stop itself.

The raised hand emoji also has five different skin tones. For a more personal approach, you can match the raised hand emoji to your skin tone. The hand emoji is pretty distinguishable, and you should not have any difficulty in locating it. It is also yellow, which is its default skin tone.

You can use this hand gesture emoji when you want someone to stop whatever they are doing. It all depends on the distinct context in which you use this hand emoji. You also have the option to send this emoji by itself. Considering that it is the universal signal for stop, you should not have any problem to convey your message transparently.

OK Hand Emoji

The OK hand emoji comes in with a hand emoji design in which the thumb and index finger are together. The other three fingers are still standing and are the universal signal for “OK.” This hand emoji is one of the most frequently used emojis. 

Instead of typing OK, we usually key-in this emoji as an alternative. Be careful not to use this OK hand emoji in a formal setting. You may come off as incompetent, or it may mean that you are taking things lightly and in a not serious manner.

However, the OK hand emoji can also be an emoji to represent a certain degree of distance. For example, when someone asks about your patience in a stressful situation, you can reply with my patience is this (OK hand emoji) thin.

Praying Hands

If you are religious, then the Praying Hands emoji is something that you should often use. The praying hands’ emoji may also mean that you are begging for something to come true or happen. Nonetheless, you can use it to make any plea in your texts, chats, or social media posts. You can also go by using this hand emoji to go with your religious quotes and verses.

The Praying Hands emoji also has another meaning that may not necessarily be of the religious aspect. It is the emoji signaling a high five. It is also logical that this emoji is the emoji used to describe a high five as it comes with the design of two hands, which both palms are clasped together. 

It all depends on the unique context in which you use this “Praying Hands” or “High Five” emoji. If you send this to your religious friend, do not be mad if they automatically interpret it as the Praying hands’ emoji.

Middle Finger Emoji

The middle finger emoji is an emoji that was recently added to the hand emoji lineup. It is no secret that the middle finger has an obscene meaning, and almost all nationalities interpret it as that vulgar meaning. The middle finger emoji is not a hand emoji in which you should use in a format setting. 

You can quickly come off as rude if you use this emoji towards your work peers. To be safe, you can use this middle finger emoji as a way to tease your close friends. Make sure to put it in a context in which they will not get hurt. 

Vulcan Salute Emoji

There is no other context or meaning to the hand emoji that resembles a Vulcan Salute. A Vulcan Salute is a salute coming from the popular series “Star Trek.” So, if you are an avid and die-hard Star Trek fan, or otherwise known as “Trekkie,” feel free to use this Vulcan Salute emoji to any situations you please.

In A Nutshell

All of the hand emojis on our list are pretty understandable and transparent. An exception can come in the Vulcan Salute emoji as the person you are sending it to must also be a Trekkie to understand it. Nonetheless, these hand gestures as emojis are understandable, and you can use it to make your point more transparent. You can even use these emojis as your alternative to a lengthy text, chat, or social media post.

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