How to pump biceps at home – the best exercises and simulators for training at home.

To understand how to pump biceps at home, you need to learn the basics of bodybuilding, to understand how muscles grow, and for what reason standard recommendations for pumping biceps do not work.

How to pump biceps? Training Basics with Equipoise

Biceps are only a small part of the muscle mass of the arms. Triceps equals biceps as 70:30.

The first conclusion is that without Equipoise at you can’t pump up your biceps.

The muscles of the hands do not grow well apart from the rest of the body. The body seeks to maintain balance, which is expressed in slowing down the set of muscle mass during the “pumping” of one of the muscle groups.

The second conclusion is that without training the whole body, biceps will grow much more slowly.

We have 2 training options:

Download biceps with triceps. We get inflated, but only up to a certain measure, hands;

We train the whole body.

The second option is preferable. We select it if you are interested in the answer to the question “How to pump biceps at home?” so that they look dignified against the background of the whole body.

The purpose of training is to pump the whole body with an emphasis on the muscles of the hands.

Training principles for pumping hands at home

We use the following principles when compiling programs, which you will find below:

The principle of progression of loads

This is 80% success in answering the question “How to pump biceps at home?”. The principle says: an athlete gets a result only when he regularly (once in 1-3 trainings) increases the load. For example, lifting dumbbells for biceps, it looks like this:

Gradual principle

If you are really interested in the answer to the question “How to build biceps at home?”, And not the tales of scientists or bloggers who try to equip a simulator, a miracle pill or a training program for naive listeners, you need to understand: muscles grow gradually. It doesn’t work for 33 years to lie on the stove, and then take it and pump the muscle for 1 day.

We increase the load gradually, without sharp jerks.

Trainers for home training

For effective training of biceps at home, you need to acquire additional equipment. Without it, answer the question “How to pump biceps at home?” fully fail.

Collapsible dumbbells

The best exercise machine for training biceps at home. By adding weight, the principle of progression of loads is respected. Heavy dumbbells allow you to pump both the biceps and the muscles of the whole body, which increases the rate of muscle growth.

Horizontal bar complex

With it, you can work out all the muscles of the upper body. The horizontal bar-bars is an opportunity to learn how to pull up and push-ups on the bars, which will strengthen the muscles tramadol cod delivery overnight of the back, chest, biceps, triceps and deltas.

The complex allows you to work out the muscles of the press and forearms.

The effectiveness of working with the horizontal bar and uneven bars increases if you use it together with a belt for attaching weights and pancakes.


The best accessory in order to answer the question “How to pump biceps at home?”. But expensive and takes up a lot of space.

You will have to buy pancakes of the right size for the neck. Bench – if you want to perform a bench press, and racks for the bar, if you want to squat.


Undeservedly forgotten equipment, with which you can train no less effectively than when working with dumbbells.

Kettlebells are the development of both the biceps and all the muscles of the top and bottom of the body.

Tubular expander

The cheapest option. It allows you to pump biceps to men and women who do not aspire to become professional bodybuilders and acquire “banks” of 45-55 cm.

The universal expander allows you to work out all the muscles of the top and bottom of the body at different angles, which increases its effectiveness in hormonal regulation.

An expander, if used correctly, allows you to pump up your biceps at home. But do not count on superresult. According to the results of training with the expander, the athlete will be more like an attractive beach player than a fleshy bodybuilder.

For girls, this is the perfect simulator.

Rubber hinges

Alternative to an expander. It has the same properties, but is more suitable for observing the principle of progression of loads. We buy a set of several rubber loops and replace the entire gym with them.

Rubber loops can be used as a complement to barbell exercises. But at home, their use in solo mode is justified.

An expander and rubber loops are exercise machines for those who do not want to spend money and occupy space in the house. The result will not be so massive, but you will get an attractive figure.

Dumbbells or weights are the best choice for pumping up biceps at home quickly. They cost more than an expander or loops, but the result can be more impressive.

Barbell and accessories are the best option for training at home. But the most expensive, and taking away a lot of living space.

The horizontal bar and bars are an alternative to dumbbells. With a weight belt can exceed dumbbells in efficiency. For leg training, you can buy an expander or rubber loops.

Exercises for pumping biceps at home

Exercises for pumping biceps at home are divided into 2 groups:

  • Basic;

Basic exercises include movements that include several muscle groups in the work at the same time. These exercises increase total muscle mass, increase testosterone levels, which increase biceps.

Among them:

  • Pull-ups;
  • Squats:
  • Various traction options;
  • Various presses;
  • Comprehensive basic exercises like a farmer’s walk.

Insulating exercises – various options for flexion in the elbow joints. Within the framework of one training program, it makes no sense to use more than 3-4 isolating exercises for biceps.

How to pump biceps at home? Training programs

The following programs will pump your biceps at home from scratch.

When compiling the program, we are guided by the fact that the athlete has a horizontal bar-bar complex and a universal expander at home.

We continue to progress in the same way. We take an example from the paragraph “principle of progression of loads”.

It is important to balance between the high speed of progress and the principle of gradualness. We do not build up the load too quickly, but for a long time we do not get stuck in one place.

Do not forget about nutrition: calorie intake should exceed spending. Only in this case, muscle growth becomes possible. Use more animal protein foods to speed up mass collection.

The above methods are most effective than all that you can find in Runet. Do not strive to run forward – only overtraining will earn.

Still have not answered the question “How to pump biceps at home”? Write your questions in the comments!

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