Photo editing is a vast platform featuring numerous options that can be studied used according to the user’s requirement. However, two of the freshly implemented options of photo editing are image manipulation and shadow creation.

What are shadow creation and image manipulation

Shadow creation is quite necessary for the e-commerce industry and its products. To make the image more enticing and mysteriously elegant one can use this tool. The motto is to give the product a unique look. To do this shadow services are applied giving it a more of a three-dimensional effect. Making garment products or other objects with a more realistic view a lighter shadow is used. In the niche of eCommerce, the shadow creation technique is a powerful tool in making the product image look more appealing

Image manipulation is an essential process for manipulating the images according to individuals or business needs. For promotions, marketing officials need more eye-catching images to make increase the traffic to their websites. And for this, there are features like HD manipulation that is a set of algorithms purely aimed at making an image look more attractive.

The job can be done by graphic designers who use photoshop or it can be done by the individual with powerful software like photolemur 3. This platform uses artificial intelligence to automatically improve an image. To know more about them check out their website

Standard features of photo editing used by the eCommerce industry.

There are several kinds of eCommerce products such as jewelry items, fashion gadgets, bags and sunglasses that need image editing services commonly known as neck joint or ghost mannequin service. The photographer uses dolls or human mannequins to give a more sculpted and attractive look. However, these backgrounds need to be removed later from the raw images using the ghost mannequin feature. can give you more info.