Gone are the days where all the work, machines, and tools were operated manually. These days everything is getting digital. More or less, the digital world is helping us to improve the developing conditions of our country with the usage of advanced technologies. The tolerances of the machines were quite adjustable at that time as they were operated manually.

Later, when the CNC came along the dimensional tolerances of the machines automatically increased. Hence, the manufacturers simultaneously demanded faster spindle speeds to deal with harder machine alloys. In this post, we will help you in understanding some exclusive facts about the double column machining center.

Important Facts About The CNC Double Column Machining Center

  1. One of the common issues that have been noticed with the CNC machine designs is that the rigidity cannot be controlled. As the working part of the machine tool is hanging from the upright structure. It is also inevitable that the cutting tool will experience some sort of deflection during the high cutting speed operations.
  2. Also, not all CNC machines are milling machines. Whereas, all the milling is machining. Isn’t, that confusing though?. SO basically, the CNC refers to the technology and not to any type of particular process. Hence, this technology can be applied to many other CNC machines including the CNC double column machining center.
  3. The various CNC machines or mills can be either vertical or horizontal. These are the two very popular types of mill. These are classified according to the axis of their movement. As matter of fact, both types of mills look similar.
  4. CNC machinery systems tend to provide extraordinary results. It gives magically a new range of motion and the extra axis of the movement. It also delivers precise quality. The automated processes also tend to reduce the manual efforts.
  5. The more the axes, the merrier the outputs are. Most of the machine mills are operated with three-axis movements namely X, Y, And Z. These machines even allow a greater range of movement.


These are some of the major facts about the CNC double milling machine center. These machines are very useful as they tend to reduce manual efforts. Hence, computer programming technology has developed a lot and the programs are input inside them through the punch cards. Make sure to keep these facts into consideration.