ED or erectile dysfunction is a medical condition in which a man in unable to sustain an erection or even have one. Consequently, they are unable to sexually perform, which wreaks havoc on their lives. Sex is a primal act, and they thus a deprived of one of the fundamentals of human existence.

Moreover, people who have ED also have a lot of emotional baggage. They are unable to engage in intimate activities. They also have to carry the burden of a disgruntled partner, provided that they manage to get one to begin with. Their psychological health gets jeopardized as a result, which may also lead to their behavioral changes as well.

While it is important to consult the best sexologist in Karachi when accosted with the issues of erectile dysfunction. However, there are lifestyle choices as well that can help with the situation. Following are some of the changes that can yield positive results.

Make dietary changes

Just like diet plays an important role in other physical ailments, it also has an important connection with erectile dysfunction as well.

What you eat influences your blood supply and nitric oxide (NO) levels, both of which are vital for the blood flow to the penis and the subsequent formation of erection. Hence, foods that affect circulation should be consumed selectively and in moderation. These include red meat, butter, full fat milk and cheese, sweet foods and beverages etc.

 Moreover, natural foods and vegetables and whole meal grains should be consumed instead of the processed foods. They not only help prevent heart diseases and the consequent blood circulation issues, but also avert the risk of diseases like diabetes that affect the nerves of the genital region and therefore lead to ED.

The best diet to follow would be the Mediterranean diet, as it involves consumption of natural foods, healthy fats from olive oil etc. Not only does this diet prevent coronary disease and formation of plaques in the vessels but also helps in the release of Nitric Oxide as well. In combination, both these factors then help battle ED, better.

Cater to your mental health

Stress has an all-encompassing impact on the wellbeing of a person. Hence, it comes as no surprise that it plays a role in the deteriorating sexual health as well. Stress and anxiety are amongst the major causes of sexual issues in men.

Sometimes, it’s the stresses of the day that do not bring one in the mood. However, when it becomes chronic, the issue calls for medical intervention. Elevated stress levels can further jeopardize mental health by increasing propensity towards clinical depression.

Similarly, it also puts the physical health in peril. As the health of heart and nervous system is gravely impacted by stress, erectile dysfunction can occur as well. Conversely, ED too can lead to stress. And if not addressed, the situation becomes even more complicated.

Moreover, in a relationship, person suffering from ED might also suffer from guilt of not satisfying his partner sexually, which also leads to increased stress levels. In such cases, it is best to seek counselling and explore different ways of intimacy.

Be physically active

Sedentary lifestyle not only promotes weight gain, but also is bad for the circulation system. Hence, it is important for men having ED to be physically active. Working out for even mere 30 minutes each day can help improve their condition.

Exercise has two-fold benefits; it improves blood supply to all the parts of the body. It also therefore averts the risks of conditions like atherosclerosis and diabetes that impair sexual health.

The other benefit of exercise is for the mental health. Working out promotes the release of good hormone, endorphin, which gives euphoric feeling. It also helps to decrease the stress hormone levels. Hence, the sexual dysfunction imposed by stress is also curbed some.

Stop smoking

ED is amongst the many problems caused by smoking. It contains compounds that impair blood flow and thus contribute towards ED. Good news is, research has shown positive results in men who stopped smoking; their symptoms of ED progressively improved over time.

Overweight and obese people need to lose weight

Overweight, obese and those suffering from metabolic syndrome are more likely to suffer from ED.

Weight plays a crucial role in moderation of hormones, physical and psychological health, all of which are connected to sexual wellbeing. Hence, any deviations result in problems like ED. However, losing the excess weight helps to abate the symptoms of this condition.

Check your medication

Sometimes, ED is not due to a lifestyle problem but due to some medication being taken. Some medicines like anti-psychotic drugs, hypertension medicines etc. cause ED, amongst other drugs. Therefore, consult the best Sexologist in Karachi to check if any medicine is the culprit and explore alternatives then.