Whether you have substantial experience as a gambler or still learning the ropes as a new casino player, you must have heard of the popular game of craps more than once in your lifetime.

As one of the most sought after casino games in history, craps holds a distinct status among gambling enthusiasts from all walks of life. While the game has maintained that status at casino facilities all over Pennsylvania, it has also emerged as a favorite offering by online casinos.

Through Parx Casino’s upcoming online platform, you can now avail the chance of playing Pennsylvania craps from the comfort of your home.

Why Do Parx Casino’s Online Craps Stand Out?

As the largest gambling facility of its kind in the Keystone State, Parx Casino has a renowned reputation among seasoned and new casino visitors alike. With its extensive sportsbook, thoroughbred horse racing track, and live performance venues, the casino is synonymous to luxury entertainment.

The casino plans to seamlessly translate this credibility to its dedicated online platform, and allows players to enjoy the engaging game of craps in all its glory. This makes it an important development if you want to play online Pennsylvania craps from your couch in a safe and secure manner.

What is Craps?

At its core, craps is a dice game. It is playable through a designated casino table with a special layout, which allows players to place bets on what the result of a single roll or multiple rolls might be.

In craps, you traditionally play the game against the “bank” or casino, with a dealer operating the game for you. This allows you to enjoy the game to its fullest capacity without having to worry about it executing it all by yourself.

How Do You Play Craps at an Online Casino?

Since craps is a table game, it translates quite well to an online casino interface. Through a typical software iteration of craps, you can play the game against an algorithm that acts as the dealer. This holds true whether you want to enjoy the game through your computer or mobile device.

At online casinos, you can easily play craps through real money. This allows you to place cash bets on your game, similar to how you would be able to do so at a real or physical casino.

Some casino platforms also allow you to enjoy the game in demo play. This provides you with an online craps game without placing any cash bets.

Popular Bets That Are Profitable to Players

Before you choose a Pennsylvania craps solution, it’s important to know that you can place an array of bets that are all based around the iconic craps table and its pass line.

But not all of these bets are designed to be equally winnable. Some of them offer more chances of winning, while others provide you with a tougher challenge. It’s important that you know your bets before you start playing with your cash, quite literally so.

Two of the most popular bets in craps are Pass line and Don’t Pass line bets.

In Pass line bets, you can win the game if your roll comes as either 7 or 11. But you lose if you roll a 2, 3 or 12 and score “craps” on the game.

In contrast, Don’t Pass line bets require you to roll 2 or 3 to win, and 12 to tie. Whereas, 7 or 11 result in a loss. Any other roll is counted as a point that can either be chosen as a pass or a win.

Apart from Pass and Don’t Pass bets, you can also place a variety of other bets. Most traditional or online Pennsylvania craps games offer these bets, which gives you plenty of options to enjoy your game.

Out of all of these bets, the Don’t Pass line bets remain more profitable for players, closely followed by Pass line bets.

Which Type of Craps Games Can One Play at the Online Casino

You can find a variety of craps games at an online casino, including Parx’s upcoming platform. These craps games offer a variety of designs, but remain loyal to their original gameplay.

This gives you several options of craps games to choose from, and lets you enjoy the thrill of playing craps at a physical casino while sitting at your home.

Is it Legal to Play Craps at the Pennsylvania Casino

Pennsylvania allows licensed casinos to offer craps and other casino games through their online platforms.

Since Parx Casino has its operations firmly based in the suburbs of Philadelphia, the casino ensures that it complies with all law and regulations while offering its games to players. This also applies to its online offerings and makes it legal for you to play Pennsylvania craps online.

Do Craps Games Offer a Fair Chance at Victory?

Craps is perhaps the most favorable game in terms of player victory, which is one of the many reasons why it is so popular among casino players and featured heavily at prominent casinos.

In terms of online casinos, Parx Casino ensures that all its craps games are provably fair, which makes sure that you have a fair chance to win at your bets.

This means that if you are looking for a casino game that doesn’t only offer plenty of fun but also gives you huge chances to win, craps is the way to go.