Because of the pandemic quarantine, everyone was forced to spend a lot of time at home, and people are running out of ways to entertain themselves. Good thing we have some excellent suggestions. The pandemic quarantine feels like a never-ending time, but soon enough, we all will be doing the things we usually do.

That is why not spending this time experimenting with the latest makeup industry trends is such a waste of time. It will keep people busy, as well as let them flex their creative muscles. Not only that, putting some makeup on will bring some normality in these weird and difficult times, adding some cheer to people’s day.

By the time we are all back to normal, the individual has already perfected the look of the trend. Skip watching movies or television series on Netflix and start practicing putting makeup now, so you can show off to your friends your makeup skills when it is time (hope sooner than later).

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Rainbow eye shadow

Things may seem a bit dull and gloomy right now, so try adding some excellent and vibrant color to your lids. The best thing about this makeup trend is that you can do anything since the possibilities are endless. People can start with the colors they like as their base and pick up colors as they go. Try it in various ways – experimenting with a couple of vibrant colors of your choosing or the entire palette.

It is a look that calls for imprecise strokes, so people need to embrace the imperfection instead of trying to make it perfect. After applying the colors, blend them together using a Q-tip or with your fingers to avoid harsh lines. It would help if you remembered that it is okay for colors to overlap. Think of the eyelid as a blank canvas, and make sure to have some fun creating the next masterpiece.


Glitter winged liner

Because of lockdowns, it is the best time to finally perfect the winged liner, but we are taking this one step further to mix things up. If women miss going out, they don’t need to worry; this article will bring the disco ball to the readers. For this relaxed and radiant look, readers can start applying neutral eye shadows of their choice and follow with their preferred winged liner method using their favorite liquid liner.

The next thing they need to do is to apply glitter. They need to make sure to keep it as saturated or sparse as they would like. Apply it over the liner, up to the mid-lid. Experts like Doll Beauty suggest applying glitters using a shadow brush or their fingers, and press the glitter base first, followed by pressing it on top to get a long-lasting effect.


Bright underline


If women are down to play with different colors but looking for a more subtle look, a bright underline is the one of them. Instead of painting the color all over the lid, they can try drawing thick lines along the bottom lash line. But here’s the catch: instead of standard black or brown pencil liners, they can experiment with vibrant and eye-catching shades. Purple, green, blue – we really cannot go wrong with this one. To really let the bright underline shine, keep it minimal and simple.