You want to know how to hack someones Facebook. Now whatever your reason behind getting into someone else’s private life, we just want you to know that things are not going to be that easy. Facebook is one of those sites that have the best security, which is not easy to beat. Therefore, not everybody is capable of hacking into the security system of Facebook. You might need to have extra help, as you might not be a hacker if things did not go well-planned.

So, here are two ways on how to view private Facebook.

How To Hack Someone Facebook Manually

  • Get the email address that person uses to log in to their Facebook account. Getting a Facebook login id is not that hard. Most people flash it on their profile.
  • After entering the account Id, you need to click on the “Forgot Password.”
  • You need to answer series of question that pops up; later Facebook will ask to send password reset link on the recovery email Id.
  • Now things get tricky, as you do not have a recovery email address. Therefore, you need to click on “no longer have access to these.”
  • After that, you will get into series of questions again, and if you know a person closely, you might be able to answer them correctly.
  • If you do not know the correct answer, Facebook will ask you to reset the password with the help of three friends. Therefore, you can create three fake FB account that you can use to say yes to confirmation. Another thing you can try is to send the confirmation to a mutual close friend, whom you can ask to give confirmation.
  • If everything goes fine, and you can clear all the stages, you can reset the password and get into the person’s Facebook account.

Hacking With The Help Of Monitoring Apps

After knowing how to view private Facebook via a manual method, we would like to introduce another simple way that you can use to get into someone’s Facebook account. If the manual method does not work for you, you need to move on to the advanced method of hacking. You have to use the monitoring apps that can help see all of the activity a person does on their device.

To make this strategy works, you need to buy the license of the software and install the software on the target phones. Then you need to activate your account and start tracking.