Subscription for online streaming: a detailed view

Since streaming video services have become famous among the viewer. It is important to know their subscription pattern. Millennial are interested in watching sports channels vlog and varieties of content. Old timers like to view news portals and old classical movies. Due to diverse consumer base companies customize their content accordingly. Some of the factors impacting the viewership are as follows:

  • Social Media: It is one of the most vital tools for the streaming platforms to connect to the audiences. Site such as FB and twitter can easily reach millions of people within a very short time frame. Launch of movies, podcast and many more videos could be accessed while on move. Digital marketing team in the social space can improved the subscription prospects by many notches.
  • Engagement strategies: Since there are many streaming services jostling for attention, way of engagement is essential to win subscriber. They initiate conversation with online users to get the feedback about the trailers and movies. Positive publicity goes a long way in making the movie a blockbuster. It is a cheaper way to popularize the content in comparison to the older method.
  • Demographic target: Every movie is oriented to a particular category of viewers. Identifying a niche is a game changer for the online platforms. It has helped in reducing the cost of advertisement and boost the profitability for the movie.
  • Technology: If viewers are watching high definition content they will be attracted to quality online platforms. Internet connect ion seed has become faster over a period of time. You can avail hundreds mbps seed within a range of 20 to 30 dollars. Therefore, companies can easily stream entire movies without the requirement of memory space.

Advantages of online streaming

  • You can watch content anywhere without any hindrance. You just need a high speed internet connection.
  • It is cost effective, saves time and ensures portability. You need not to go anywhere. In covid19, nobody wants to go out in movie theatre.
  • You can not only watch movies online but also watch various TV series.
  • Online movie streaming also comes in multiple languages. Nonton Film Sub Indonesia  provides a platform where you can watch movies with Indonesian subtitles.
  • We can connect to global database of movies which was not possible in the past. One of the most important aspect of online viewership is the absence of annoying ads. It not only saves time but also keeps viewers interested in movies. Some movies platforms segregate contents that are popular among the audiences. Accurate feedback helps the viewers to streamline their viewers.

Disadvantages of online streaming

The only drawback of watching online movies is the loss of revenue to theatre and subsequent drop in tax collection to government. People tend to stay more within their home and lead a sedentary lifestyle. It can impact their health and also cause disease in the long run. Technology transformation has not only changed the viewer’s priority but also increased competition in movie business.

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