Sales of hair-dye kits jump as stuck-at-home workers cut off from salons -  CBS News

Hair dying is a common trend not only among celebrities but to the public at large. People who have colored their hair before will express their frustration on the pesky hair growth that happens a few weeks after the process. While the primary intention is to show off the nice-looking hair, one ends up putting on hats to cover the annoying grown roots. However, this is not the case for anyone who has gone through quality root touch up. Root touch-ups can boost one’s goal towards having long-lasting colored hair. Before considering visiting a coiffeur, try the following tips for excellent results.

Home-Based Temporary Solutions

The pandemic has made things difficult, and many are finding it hard to maintain their hair color considering the lockdowns and physical meeting restrictions put in place. Many gave up on their hair goals, considering how difficult it was meeting up with their hairdressers. However, there is a way out. A solution to maintain that gorgeous hair; this all happens at the comfort of your home. The first thing to note is that however many certain aspects of people’s lives have gotten to a standstill, the root is still growing.

The safest way of covering the growing roots at home is through using root powders and sprays until one has a chance to see a stylist. Most of these products offer temporary cover-up and easily wash away when one shampoos their hair. While this might not work so great, it is essential to note that desperate times call for desperate actions. The best thing is to have the hair looking good while avoiding getting infected with the dreadful virus.

Find a Colorist

For those in prominent families, the best way to deal with root touch-ups at home is to find the best person with good taste and color choice. Often the ladies are good with mixing colors, and one would have to locate the best in the family for their root touch-ups. Apart from the family, one can search and consult an expert colorist remotely using the available social platforms for the best mix of shade and highlights.

Proper Preparation

Preparation is fundamental towards achieving outstanding results in anything one commits to do. Similarly, before one color their roots, they have to ensure all the ingredients are close. The immediate thing to do is take a towel and put everything in place so they will not get stained. When ready, apply oil, preferably Vaseline, to the hairline to prevent the skin’s dye’s effects. The next thing is to separate the hair into quadrants and slow work through each section in detail.


When considering DIY, which such chemical products as dyes, it is essential to follow the latter’s safety precautions outlined in the packages; one can engage their stylist in every step of the process through real-time videoconferencing flawless and quality process. Another alternative would be to take a breather and resume the complete root touch-up and dying after everything gets back to normal.