Top 6 Facts That You Should Know about Hair Transplant Surgery ...

 Hair transplant is considered the ultimate solution of hair loss issue which is electively elected by the patients and is a minimally invasive surgical option to bring back your confidence with a pleasant hair growth. Hair transplant is performed by shifting the high quality permanent hair follicles from the donor area to the bald areas where hair growth is desired. 

Hair transplant in India is gaining wide popularity and is a well accepted procedure which has been globally approached by thousands of patients every year. Medispa hair transplant clinic is among the best hair transplant clinics which provide the world class hair restoration treatment by the world class hair transplant surgeon: Dr Suneet Soni.

Dr Suneet Soni is one of the best hair transplant surgeon across the country whose surgical skills and artistic vision is widely praised and unsurpassable. His excellence in the field of hair transplant has made him receive multiple rewards and felicitations all across the world.

In India, hair transplant cost is very affordable but still people get trapped by the cheaper options which entail disastrous consequences. It is reiterated that you need to trust only the expert hair transplant surgeons for the hair transplant procedures and put the cost of the procedure as a secondary factor. 

Before undergoing hair transplant surgery it is mandatory to seek the complete information regarding the procedure to plan it better and to trust the procedure. Some of the primary details elated to the procedure are explained as follows: 

  • Hair transplant is a permanent procedure: Hair transplant procedures involves the harvesting of only those hair grafts which possess permanent root and are DHT resistant. These DHT resistant hair roots do not undergo any thinning changes and stay permanent throughout the life. These hair grafts when transferred to any desired bald locations would offer permanent results as the genetic composition of the hair lie in its roots.
  • Hair transplant entails natural looking results: The hair transplant procedure fortunately provides extremely natural looking results and lies in the designing of natural hairline. The procedure requires an expert artistic vision and hands which provides absolutely natural looking hairline. The directions, angulations arrangement and alignment of the hair grafts should be taken into considerations in order to provide extremely natural looking hairline.
  • Hair transplant is a painless procedure: Hair transplant procedure is minimally invasive surgical procedure performed under local anesthesia. This procedure when performed by expert and experienced hair transplant surgeon can be performed painlessly. Dr Suneet Soni has introduced a cocktail of anesthetic agents which provide completely painless hair transplant with only single administration as the duration of action of the cocktail is up to 9 – 12 hours which omits the requirement of repeated injections.
  • Hair transplant uses your own hairs: Most of the patient comes with the doubt that hair transplant can also be performed using the artificial hairs or someone else’s hairs. But in true sense hair transplant can only be performed using your own hairs. The hair transplant procedure is feasible only when the donor areas of your body have ample number of hair grafts to provide pleasant outcomes. The availability of the hair grafts at the donor area of your own body also decides how much you can expect from the hair transplant. 
  • Hair transplant does not provide immediate results: Most of the patients visit us with the thought that hair transplant would provide them immediate outcome which is not true. In any circumstances hair transplant cannot provide so as the transplanted hairs undergo complete hair growth cycle as the other existing hairs. The complete hair growth followed by hair transplant could take 9 months to a year. So you need to be prepared to wait for months before appreciating the hair growth of the transplanted hairs following hair transplant. 
  • Hair transplant can neither regenerate the lost hair follicles nor can stop hair loss: The hair transplant procedure is a purely restorative procedure which could just transfer the hair follicles from your own body from a donor location to the desired bald location. This procedure unfortunately cannot bring back the lost hair follicles which are lost in the process of hair loss. Including hair transplant procedure cannot stop or cease further hair loss of the existing hairs which are left apart from the transplanted hairs.