If there is a jewel that many women, young or older, have in common, it is the diamond solitaire! And for good reason: it is a timeless jewel! With him, you can’t go wrong: you will always have fun.

A sober and chic jewel

What appeals to the diamond solitaire is its style, which is both simple and very refined. It would add sparkle to any outfit: from the extravagant cocktail dress to the classic little black dress that you wear to go to work! In addition, it is a piece of jewelry that can be offered to a woman of 20, 40 or 60 years old: it evolves with the style of the person who wears it.

Is the diamond solitaire just an engagement ring?

In general, tradition has it that one offers a diamond solitaire during a marriage proposal. It is a very good choice for an engagement ring: after all, the diamond is pure and durable like love. By cons, it is quite possible to bypass the tradition and offer a ring other than the traditional diamond solitaire. In the same way, the diamond solitaire is a jewel that can be offered on many occasions and not only for a marriage proposal: birthday, end of year celebrations, Valentine’s Day.

A diamond ring is not necessarily an engagement ring.

  • Opt for a unique model, adapted to your style and your needs.
  • A white gold ring, set with diamonds, retains its timeless beauty, even after 20 years.

A diamond ring is not necessarily an engagement ring. It is a way to prove your independence and to please yourself by offering it yourself. Investing in diamond jewelry is also a guarantee of self-confidence. Here are the reasons why you should treat yourself to a diamond ring.

Singles also deserve diamonds

If you plan to treat yourself to a diamond ring, know that in the United States, it is a real trend among single women, who thus tend to emphasize their independence. In this case, it is important to choose a diamond ring that reflects your personality, or to opt for a unique, custom-made ring. Now that you can visit Alexander Sparks you can buy the diamond rings for yourself also. There are excellent collections and all you will have to do is to go for it. Surely this is something that you will cherish all your life.

Diamonds are not just for engagement rings

Usually, the idea of ​​a diamond ring is associated with that of an engagement ring, but this should not be a generality. When you work hard, you have the right to reward yourself by buying something unique. So, the possibility of buying a diamond ring for your birthday or for Christmas, is quite pleasant. Treat yourself by choosing your favorite diamond ring from those in our extensive collection.

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Why not give yourself an engagement ring?

You can still buy a diamond ring, even if you think it looks like an engagement ring. Times are changing and there are many reasons why a woman may want to ask a man to marry . In this event, you can also buy him an engagement ring for men.

An elegant ring

A solitaire is a ring with a single diamond, presenting a timeless elegance and, matching each outfit, especially if it is a white gold or platinum ring. White gold and platinum are the best options if you want to acquire a ring that will retain its beauty beyond 20 years. Besides, a woman with style always knows how to wear her jewelry.

Investing in diamonds

You can also buy a diamond ring as an investment. Investment diamonds are actually a safe way to invest your money because they tend to increase in value. It is a useful and enjoyable way to invest.

Diamond or sapphire? Gold or platinum? Classic or original? The choice of an engagement ring is not made lightly.

What budget?

Who says engagement, says engagement ring. If the groom can choose the wedding ring and the solitary ring himself, he can also let his future wife choose the ring of his choice to avoid any unpleasant surprises. In this case, he generally offers a jewel at a low price to his dear and tender when he asks for his hand. It is then the lucky girl who chooses her “real” jewel, and the choice is not made lightly. Before choosing your engagement ring, it is essential to have a well-defined budget because if the choice is vast, it is the same for the prices. Which stone, which metal and which style to choose? We take stock.

A diamond engagement ring

Symbol of purity and eternity, the diamond is always very successful with women. Its quality, and therefore its value, is defined by its size, weight, purity and color. It also has the advantage of going with all skin tones, all styles, but also with other jewelry. The diamond goes perfectly with the settings in pink gold, white gold, yellow gold, silver. Magnificent proof of love, the diamond engagement ring can be mounted alone or on a ring decorated with a paving. Indeed, the De Beers, Chaumet and Piaget jewelry houses offer different models, all sumptuous, with a ring set with diamonds, adorned with a solitaire or even a “pear” diamond.

How to determine the quality of the diamond?

With the 4C method (“carat”, “cut”, “color” and “clarity”) the carat, first of all, is the unit used to measure the weight of a stone: it is equivalent to 0.20 grams. The larger is a diamond, the greater is the number of carats. Size is also essential, as is color (the more colorless the diamond, the more it is judged to be of quality) and its purity: the more inclusions a diamond has, the less it has value. The diamond is always given with a gemological certificate which is its identity card, a document which certifies its authenticity and integrity. So you can go for it and enjoy the best of it.

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