How to Start your own Makeup Artist Business

The biggest event of your high school life is fast approaching. Now, you are having problems if you should do your makeup or hair first? You have prepared your shoes and dress plus you have contacted your date. Now, you need to plan how to look perfect for the prom. 

Fret not! When we talk about preparing for the prom, you can learn tips from this article. See to it that your prom picture is awesome. Make your makeup smudge-free with these beauty tips now: 

Avoid your Updo to Get Messy 

Always keep a hairspray and bobby pins at your purse during the prom. When you feel like your hair is about to fall, put some hairspray on the pin and tuck it in your hair. This will make your pin hold your hair for reinforcement. 

Moreover, see to it that you put hairspray before and after styling. This will give your hair strands extra stick that will last the entire night. 

Put Foundation on Your Ears 

When you are up all night dancing and having a good time with your friends, your ears can get red from too much heat. As such, it is best to put foundation on your ears. This will protect it from sweat plus you’ll look extra good at your photos. 

Improve your Smile

Weeks before your prom, make sure that you switch in using whitening toothpaste. This can remove the stain at your teeth and protect it from yellowing. See to it that you brush your teeth for two minutes. Avoid drinking coffee, soda, and tea. 

Flaunt that Skin 

If the dress that you have is cocktailkjole, mini, or strapless, see to it that you show some confidence in wearing it. Put on some lotion with a glowing tint. Dust your collarbones and shoulders with a bronzing powder to have radiant skin. You can choose beautiful dresses at JJ’s House which looks gorgeous for your prom night. 

Have an Irresistible Smell 

You can pat a little amount of Vaseline to the back of your wrists, neck, and other body parts. With this, it will make the smell of your perfume hold on for a long period of time. Surely, you can make your date become mesmerized on you. 

Always Keep the Oil Blotting Papers 

Oil and sweat can cause your makeup to melt. As such, always keep blotting papers at your purse for a quick touchup. Don’t use the powder because this will only make face look cakey. 

Remove the Lipstick From Your Gown 

When your lipstick accidentally stained your prom gown, you can use shaving cream to fix the issue. White shaving cream is a whipped soap that you can easily rinse versus other soaps. You can dampen the stain on your cocktailkjole with a small amount of water. Then, use a clean cloth to rub the shaving cream and the stain from your gown. 

Have a Flawless Skin 

Even though, when you wear your beautiful dress from JJ’s House, your freckles and skin problems can be visible. To make skin discolorations and blemishes less noticeable, you can use a gold-flecked lotion. It can deflect the light away from your skin’s blemishes. With this, you can have a sexy overall look. 

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